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    Jon you say
    [quote:1b97ip8k]excellent explanation LARobert.[/quote:1b97ip8k]

    But I didn’t think it was that good…..let’s look at it —
    He starts:
    I scanned through the postings rather quickly, so forgive me if this was covered before. As the late Abp. Fulton Sheen used to say, “In the US there are but a handfull of people who hate what the Catholic Church teaches, and millions who hate what they think it teaches.” [/quote:1b97ip8k]
    sounds like a crowd favorite with Catholic apologetics when in reality he is just promoting catholic errors as so many mistakenly do.
    Tradition, comes from the latin word Traditio, meaning, “that which is handed down.” The Roman Catholic Church, (as do the Orthodox) differentiate between three types of Tradition.

    Written Tradition: the inspired books of the Bible, (All the books, not just the books that Martin Luther and his compatriots tossed out of the Bible because they did not agree with his Theology). [/quote:1b97ip8k]

    First error – Martin Luther did not toss out any books –

    [quote:1b97ip8k]Oral Tradition: those things taught to the Apostles that the Sacred Scriptures illude to when we read that after preaching to the crowds, our Blessed Lord took His Apostles aside and taught them further. Also in the last verses of the Gopsel according to St. John, where we read: “These and many other things did our Lord say and do, if they where all written down, not all the books, (libraries) of the world could hold them.” [/quote:1b97ip8k]
    2nd error – I’m surprised you quote only John 20:30 because verse 31 carries so much importance as to put things in the proper prespective.
    John 20:31- [color=red:1b97ip8k]But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. [/color:1b97ip8k] This way John lets us know that there is enough info printed to KNOW how to get saved in Scriptures alone. Like they tell me LAR, keep it in context!
    A third is usually spelled with a lower case T, this tradition, are the rites and customs surrounding the everyday practices and histories passed down to us from those who upheld the Faith before us, Things like clerical celebacy, abstaining from meat on Fridays etc. Things that can be changed by lawful authorities in the Church. As these traditions are man made, (with the authority given the Church by Christ) they can also be changed by men. The first two cannot be changed, as they where not given or made by men. The last a competent authority in the Church can change. [/quote:1b97ip8k]

    And this third one is really the problem because your church tries to tell us that many of them are as the second one taalks about when in reality they are man-made traditions that go against Scriptures, that shouldn’t be taught or practiced!


    Ron, your addition of the verse adds nothing to the conversation, nor does it prove your point.

    It was the Roman Catholic Church alone that spread the word to the world until 1099, when the Eastern Orthodox split from the Church. It was another 500 years until Protestants began re-inventing the interpretation of the Bible.

    For the first thousand years after Christ Jesus became incarnate by the power of the Holy Ghost in the womb of Mary Immaculate, there was no other source to hear the preaching of the Good News, nor the fact that our redemtion if through Christ Jesus. After the Protestant revolution came different errors that re-defined the manner in which our Lord gave us to apply His death on the Cross, and His triumph over death on that first Easter morning. You can find that in not just Catholic History, but any honest history text, published by non-Catholics.

    [i:3fji8nqu][b:3fji8nqu]The Roman Catholic Church; preaching Christ and His Salvation since 33AD[/b:3fji8nqu][/i:3fji8nqu]


    Mr. LARoberts stated

    [quote:1sf5xu0e]Ron, your addition of the verse adds nothing to the conversation, nor does it prove your point[/quote:1sf5xu0e]

    Why is that? Is it because you and so many others that have been taught not to question the Catholic Church, so you don’t and you just swallow whatever they tell you to think, act and say? I’d say that ts a Good thing
    that you didn’t buy into Mormonism or the JW’s, but there isn’t any difference– there remains only one solution and knowing that Jesus died for us doesn’t help when you don’t believe in what He died for.

    You didn’t think I’d buy into your history lesson, did you? It is just more of the same garbage that they tried to tell us in grade school!!! Fortunately I decided to check Scriptures for the truth and the facts.


    And with that I think this is a good time to lock it up.


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