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    Today my family and I were out and about on a road trip. We saw a homeless man with his cardboard sign, near a beautfil park. Tons of people were walking right by him and children were in the park with snacks and no cares in the world. It made me cry.

    So my husband turned around the block and rolled down his window and gave the man a $5 bill. I was soo happy. The man came to the truck and smiled and said “God Bless you and thank you very much.” My heart was warmed seeing his appreciation and smile. I could just feel his joy all around me.

    Then we went a half a block down the road, and saw even an older homeless man. He looked even in “worse” condition, tired and more filthy than the last one. Unfortunately, my husband hadn’t made a stop to the ATM, so he had nothing else to give. My 11 year old daughter pulls out her own $5 dollars, from her purse, she had been saving for her own purchases and wanted to give it to the man. So I waved him down and he came to the truck and told us “God Bless you, this is soo kind and warms my heart.”

    It made my day to model this kindness to my child and to see her immediately want to give as I did moments later.

    This lead to a beautiful discussion about seeing Jesus in everyone. Our hearts were light and happy all day, knowing how much our gesture meant to those two men. My daughter has been saying how good she has felt all day and that God sent her “tingles” all over her body.

    I just wanted to share this with everyone, because I was really touched by the entire experience. I know I can’t save everyone, but it felt good just making these two men happy.

    Now, my daughter said that she wants to come back to this park more often and bring sandwiches and meals to these men or anyone else in need. “That would be soo fun, Mom!, Let do it!!”

    It’s nice as a parent to see the world through your childs eyes and learn from them , as much as they learn from us.



    Wow, this is a great story. I wish the homeless people around here were that nice. I’m afraid to give them money because they stand right outside the cigarette shop and ask for cash.

    One time I wouldn’t give a guy any money because first he asked me for some cash for cigarettes and I said no, then he changed his mind and it was for food and I still said no then he got cocky with me. So I went to McDonald’s and bought him a hamburger and he seemed greatful.

    I hope to inspire people to help out those less fortunate. I have become quite aware of the homeless population around me and it makes me kind of sad – especially during those bitter, cold winter months. But when I am working with youth in the coming months and years I hope to inspire and them to want to help out those with less than them. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />


    *nods* It’s hard to know “how” the men were going to spend the money we gave them. I took some comfort in the fact that we were no where near, a place they could spend it, on alcohol or cigarettes. I hope it went towards a warm meal. It’s snowing hard here, again. I worry, too about the homeless being out in the frigid temperatures.

    I am looking forward to hearing how your work with youth progresses. I think that is very admirable work.


    My mom never gives cash to homeless people but she will buy them some food. I try to give food as often as possible.


    [quote:3gsts7dx]My mom never gives cash to homeless people but she will buy them some food. I try to give food as often as possible.[/quote:3gsts7dx]

    I tried that once in Chicago and the guy was carrying bags and bags of food. He complained that I was giving him more food and that he wanted money to get a place to stay.


    In New York there are free shelters (required by city law). A lot of people will ask for money to get to the shelter. When I try to use my MetroCard to get them on a train or the bus, they do not seem in such a hurry to get there.

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