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    <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> B 2 Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth!
    More delightful is your love than wine!
    Your name spoken is a spreading perfume-
    that is why the maidens love you.
    Draw me!-
    D We will follow you eagerly!
    B Bring me, O king, to your chambers.
    D With you we rejoice and exult,
    we extol your love; it is beyond wine:
    how rightly you are loved!
    B 3 I am as dark-but lovely,
    O daughters of Jerusalem-
    As the tents of Kedar,
    as the curtains of Salma.
    4 Do not stare at me because I am swarthy,
    because the sun has burned me.
    My brothers have been angry with me;
    they charged me with the care of the vineyards:
    my own vineyard I have not cared for.
    B 5 Tell me, you whom my heart loves,
    where you pasture your flock,
    where you give them rest at midday,
    Lest I be found wandering
    after the flocks of your companions.
    G If you do not know,
    O most beautiful among women,
    Follow the tracks of the flock
    and pasture the young ones
    near the shepherds’ camps.
    G 6 To the steeds of Pharaoh’s chariots
    would I liken you, my beloved:
    Your cheeks lovely in pendants,
    your neck in jewels.
    We will make pendants of gold for you,
    and silver ornaments.
    B 7 For the king’s banquet
    my nard gives forth its fragrance.
    8 My lover is for me a sachet of myrrh
    to rest in my bosom.
    9 My lover is for me a cluster of henna
    from the vineyards of Engedi.
    G 10 Ah, you are beautiful, my beloved,
    ah, you are beautiful; your eyes are doves!
    B 11 Ah, you are beautiful, my lover-
    yes, you are lovely.
    Our couch, too, is verdant;
    the beams of our house are cedars,
    our rafters, cypresses.

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