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    How about these questions for Catholics to think about their answers and how they might possibly feel come Judgment day Knowing that you’ve been deceived?

    If you checked my website, you’d see the many places in which Jesus says that by His blood we are cleaned, washed, purchased and redeemed. We are all sinners, and God’s plan was for Jesus to come and die for us so that we might be saved, which He prayed to the Father before going to the cross that if their would be any other way, He’d be spared this cross agony. Their wasn’t but before Jesus died, He said It is “finished.”

    So if He did that to save us by His grace, Why does the Catholic Church claim that the sacrament’s are the means that we can get this grace?

    And if Grace and merit are two opposite and different definitions as Romans 11:6 points out
    wouldn’t that be a contradiction to the word of God saying we can somehow merit graces through sacramental means?

    If it is a gift, then we don’t pay for it as if a wage were due to us for something as Romans 4:4 shows us, so why the Faith plus works push? (James 2 tells us faith without works is dead, but that doesn’t mean to forget the faith alone Scriptures of Paul, simply because If you follow Ephesians 2:8+9 it is followed by verse ten which tells us that works is a characteristic of a believer not the means to get saved)

    Hebrews tells us that Christ is now our priest, the old sacrificial, Jewish method was eliminated – So why does the Catholic church say their priest “Have the power?”
    to forgive sins? Scripture says only God can forgive sins. Check out my article on this at my website – Article #5 I think.

    James 2:10 says that if we commit one sin we are guilty of all- yet your church claims there are venial sins- even though no sin enters Heaven- Why? And if that is what your priests have confessions for, then it appears that our salvation depends not upon Christ’s work at Calvary, but rather what day of the week we would die on, depending on whether you went to confession or not. Again it points to a sacramental means instead of a faith in what Jesus did. Article # 5 addresses that too.

    If we were to believe in what Jesus did, As Hebrews 1:3 says “After having purged us of sin”
    note the past tense? Why would anyone think there is a Purgatory to get “our final purging?” and by what- fire? The Bible says that only by blood (Hebrews 9:22) does one get purged.
    Again it seems awfully contradictory to me.

    Bottom line facts are that we are to pray to God alone – why does your church allow for the intercessionary prayers to Mary or others, especially seeing that Jesus says in Hebrews 4:16 to go to Him?? ? (seems a matter of lack of faith in His hearing you, and even seems like idolatry to go to another.)

    These are just a few questions in which I think your Church proves that it cannot be THE Church of those of whom believe in HIM. Please review and reply to this note
    My web address is http://WWW.freeweb.com/gospellightmin/


    [color=red:3qzxt8cr][b:3qzxt8cr]WHAT? No answers!

    Or is it you just don’t want to admit where Catholicism has goofed up?

    The questions are still there people!!!!!!!!![/b:3qzxt8cr][/color:3qzxt8cr]


    [color=darkred:24z743dj]Ron, I have given up discourse with you. I think your intentions in this forum are clear. Even then, I was willing to have a good civil dialogue. But this seems like a difficult task for you without taking constant jabs at my Church. It’s never been about me not being able to answer your questions, but I just don’t have the patience for you. Your repetitious trolling wore me thin. Unless you change your approach I will have nothing to do with you. Be thankful Jon is kind enough to still have you around.

    Have a good day.[/color:24z743dj]


    taking constant jabs at my Church.?

    I’ve not taken anything but the truth as the difference between your church and Scriptures. So why do you object to that? Would I be a more loving person to keep quiet about that and let you believe whatever?

    I don’t think so.

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