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    Hey, you all should try this out: http://meph.eu.org/
    It’s called “Smack the Penguin”

    My current high score is 593. Post your high scores here. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Isn’t animal abuse against our Catholic values? <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

    Those poor penguins!

    576.8 miles <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    [quote:22xslma3]Isn’t animal abuse against our Catholic values? <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> [/quote:22xslma3]

    not penguins




    Well that was a fun 15 minutes! I earned 501.2 and my husband got a 588.9 <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Ok, new object of the game:
    Get the lowest score that’s not zero.

    Mine so far is 168

    <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Well, I know I have gotten lower distances before when I was trying for higher ones, but when I was trying this time, I got 181.6. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    I am much better at getting the lowest score than I am the highest. Ha! I found my strength in this game :lol:


    15 (knock him straight up)


    [quote:1ykngrbs]15 (knock him straight up)[/quote:1ykngrbs]

    Do you do that by hitting it as soon as you can?


    Pretty much. It was actually my very first contact with the penguin.


    Man, I always get like 485 or 0 when I try to hit it straight up.


    This topic is so funny!!! Who would ever imagine smacking penguins (not in real life) would be such a fun time? :lol:


    Okay you guys! I still haven’t checked out this site

    I AM A PENGUIN LOVER I am disturbed that the people nearest and dearest to me would take up smacking penguins

    my husband always tells me to choose my battles—-meaning not to sweat what is not as important

    Having said that I suppose I could turn the other beak and ignore this abuse. (well maybe for a large sum of chocolate)


    I think the penguings might like it because they keep coming back for more… <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />


    after my last post I tried to go to the game site and my computer froze up

    I think it’s a sign from the poor birdies! :!:


    I think it means you just need a computer to go along with that new high-speed internet. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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