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    Sacramentally Backwards

    The sacraments are possibly the most divisive elements in the Church today. It seems that everyone has a slightly different view of what they actually are, what they are for, and what the actually accomplish. Many books have been written on them, from many different view points.

    There is, however, one point that divides many people, and yet the Bible is extremely clear on it. Who should receive the sacraments. In the Bible, it is clearly stated that one sacrament is meant for all nations. The other sacrament is meant only for believers who can examine themselves. In Matt 28: 19-20 the Bible clearly says to baptize “all the nations.” There is no limitation at all here, nor in any other reference to baptism in the Bible. Yet, in 1 Cor 11:23-32, we are clearly told that only those who can examine themselves and discern the Body, should receive the Lord’s Supper. All other do so to their own condemnation.

    Why then do so many modern Evangelical Christians reverse this? They say that you must be able to profess your faith before being baptized, but they let anyone in the building receive the Lord’s Supper, regardless of their faith. This is a terrifying practice. Anyone in these churches who does not believe, and yet receives the Lord’s Supper is doing spiritual harm to themselves! What is worse is that the pastors of these churches are encouraging this reversal of God’s word!! In doing this, churches are actually causing some to sin against the very body and blood of our Lord and Savior!! The blessings of baptism are regularly denied, and the condemnation of the Lord is routinely served. This is not what Christ instituted.

    There is nothing we can do for these people other than point out their errors and pray that they will see the light of the Word and cease these abhorrent practices. Unfortunately, there are many other errors that abound regarding the sacraments. It is an uphill battle to correct them, but a necessary battle nonetheless.


    This is a good point and more ammo for any argument against the Catholic way.

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