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    i have had my wedding booked since november and the wedding is in september but i have now just found out i am pregnant with my first child im due to marry at a roman catholic church will they still marry us


    Yes, you can still be married. Are you Catholic yourself?


    i do think of myself as a catholic and attend church regularly but i do not follow the the religion the way others do, so i believe that unmarried couples can live together as how are you really meant to know someone before youve lived with them for me it would be like marrying a stranger and sex before marriage i think that if you really love the person you are with and see a future as a couple then what is wrong with sex before marriage it creates an intimate bond between the couple,

    so do you think the church will till marry me as my wedding was booked months before i even knew i was pregnant and we always had safe sex until an accident, and i will be married before the child is born?

    we always said we would wait till married for children but obviously abortion is not a option for either of us


    Yes, you may still be married in the church even if you co-habitate with someone and even if you have sex before marriage and even if you are pregnant. However, it has been my experience that priests typically ask the couple to live in separate places prior to the wedding day, abstain from sexual relations, and go to confession for these things. Have you talked with your parish priest about any of this? Have you been required to go through preparation classes for your upcoming marriage?

    Do you know why the Church asks people not to live together and have sex before marriage?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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