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    There are many times when I have heard or read about people that grew up as Catholic, but never heard about Jesus until they went to some freind’s Evangelical church and now they are on some crusade to stop the evil Catholic Church (ok, the last part of that is rare, but the rest of it is true).

    Well, in my opinion, either these people weren’t going to a Catholic Church in the first place or they just weren’t listening. Call it good fortune if you will, but over the last few years I have done a bit of travelling and have had to attend Mass at several different Catholic parishes – even in another country! In each and every one of these churches the priest was always talking about Jesus. Granted a priest here or there may have had poor homily delivery skills, but they were always talking about Jesus.

    Heck, the whole Mass is about Jesus! All of the prayers and everything are focused on God – sometimes only God the Father, sometimes only Jesus and sometimes only the Holy Spirit, but the whole thing is about God.

    The Catholic Church has always taught about Jesus and if it weren’t for Jesus there would be no Catholic Church, there would be no sacraments, there would be no Bible – nothing of that sort.

    Accusing the Catholic Church of not talking about or teaching about God and Jesus is like saying the planet Earth is flat – it’s simply untrue.


    Are those people who accuse Catholics of not teaching about Jesus, some of the same people who say Catholics are not even Christians?


    some, yes. In fact, maybe most.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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