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    I read an article today about a church who claims to be the church that Jesus established. They said they are not protestant or evangelical, and they are certainly not Catholic or Orthodox. They call themselves “The United Church of God” and they like to send out free magazines that spread “The Good News” to many countries. Their gatherings consist of a Pastor and the church members. I don’t understand why they don’t consider themselves Protestant. Can anyone clarify this for me? Is there really a difference?

    One thing I learned from their magazine is that they don’t accept the teaching of the Trinity. They don’t believe that The Holy Spirit is a 3rd Being, but only an agent of God’s power. (They compared the agent to how humans use their hand as an agent.)

    Anyway, it was interesting and I would like to know all your thoughts. Thanks!

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    Too many Non-Catholic denominations, the word Protestant is a Taboo word. Almost like saying a bad word. :shock:

    I’m not sure why they dont consider themselves Protestant. Could be because they don’t see themselves “protesting” against the Catholic Church. Another possible reasn is that they simply don’t see themselves the same (doctrinally) as the Protestants.

    This denomination seems to be in the same ballpark as Mormons and JW’s.
    They disbelieve in the Trinity for X reason. Both Protestant and Catholic can stand together against that non-sense.
    Although the Trinity is in the Scriptures it requires some deduction.
    I’m not going to attempt to write pages to prove it, I’d rather ask someone here of an article they recommend.

    Anyone know of an article that explains the Trinity clearly?



    I’ve come in contact with that group or a group very similar. I don’t think the one I was talking to had an actual name, but they claimed to be the true church of Christ and renounced all other Christian faith traditions.

    They don’t consider themselves Protestant because they never broke away from the Catholic Church – they were never a part of it in the first place.

    Some Baptist churches say the same thing as do some of the independant, free, Bible churches. They say they are not Protestant’s because they were never a part of the Catholic Church to begin with and they are just Christian. No other name than Christian.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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