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    Hey Everyone! Im Chasity, Im not sure if everyone on this site, forum, is Catholic, Im not really sure what this is all about, Im not that sure of anything, I’ll be 15 years old in about 8 days, and my parents are Baptist, and Church of God. I dont believe that it would be right or just for me to believe any way because my parents do. I think that exploring other relgions for the sake of the knowledge is indeed appropriate. So, I decided to study and see where the Lord leads me, and I believe that it is somewhere in Catholicism. I know VERY little about Catholicism, aor sects and divisions, Beliefs and so forth. i am very excited to learn about Catholicism, If you would like to contact me, My email address is [email protected]. I have alot of questions, and I am very eager to learn about this relgion. Thanks.

    Chasity :lol:


    The best way to learn is at a Catholic church from people who regularly teach.

    You might also explore this website and ask questions in the forum.


    Hi Chasity! Welcome to About Catholics! <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

    If you’re looking for information about Catholicism you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a small, but growing community of which I believe most are Catholic. However, that does [b:24ci5osa]not[/b:24ci5osa] mean non-Catholics are [b:24ci5osa]not[/b:24ci5osa] welcome. I mean, afterall a part of being Catholic is reaching out to others who are and are not.

    Real quick, I want to warn you about posting your e-mail address online like this. It doesn’t violate any rules of the forum, but people with bad intentions might get your e-mail address and send you all sorts of e-mail you do not want – just wanted to bring that to your attention. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    As for your questions about Catholicism we’d love it if you’d post your questions in the appropriate forums. I’m sure they will create great discussion and we can all grow deeper in Christ’s love for us and our love for him.

    So, let me start off by asking…why do you feel drawn to the Catholic Church given your background?

    P.S. edited for major mistake in one sentence :oops:


    [quote:fmfav4qc]However, that does not mean non-Catholics are welcome.[/quote:fmfav4qc]
    Catholics look down on other religions, If your purpose is to reach out and to teach about the catholic religion, shouldnt you be accepting of other peoples beliefs? I was not aware that catholics were unaccepting, Why is this so?
    I am not sure why I was drawn to Catholicism, I believe that to call yourself a catholic, a mormon, an amish, a protestant, whatever is just really a state of mind, a Label. We are all what we are inside, and different people have different interperetations of what the bible says and means. I am open to all interperatations, not that I would be willing to believe it all, but I am very open to the beliefs of others. People are going to believe inside what they want to believe and how they really feel no matter what any human tells them. I think that if you are talking to someone you can tell them how you interpret the bible, and if they see it that way then its fine, but most of the time, inside they wont, and I dont believe in forcing someone to believe somethng, it would just be a “False Label” Anyway. I am not sure how I feel about this realization abotu Catholicism being SO religiously centered and closed minded. I am not “Catholic” and I am not really sure what I am, that is why I am on the path to self discovery, I just need to learn and see where the lord leads me.
    I knew that Catholics believed only in one holy church, the Catholic church, and I think it is ok to reach out to people but not ok to segregate, and if this is a big part of Catholicism then I am not sure about that. I would ever put down the beliefs of another Christian, and I dont believe that anyone should be so closed minded as not to associate with other Christian faiths. If this means that I am not welcome here, so be it.


    Chasity, I am soooo sorry. I made a major typo in my message and I meant to put “However, that does not mean non-Catholics are not welcome.” :oops:

    I am so sorry about the misunderstanding and I did not mean to exclude you at all. My message was supposed to be of welcome and inclusion. Once again, I apologize for giving you the wrong idea.

    So the sentence should read as I have corrected it now in my original post.

    I am sorry and feel so stupid now for typing the wrong thing and giving the wrong impression.


    I agree, you did give me a very wrong Idea. No regrets. But Thanks for correcting the error, I may have discontinued study with a very clouded idea of what the Catholic religion is all about. But No problem anyways.


    Hi Chasity,

    My name is Stephanie and I just want to tell you that I commend and admire you for searching out the answers to your religous questions.

    I also want extend my welcome to this forum.

    I wish you the best of luck! <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

    God Bless,


    Thankyou Stephanie.



    How are you? What happened to you?

    I hope to hear from you soon. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />



    Hi Chasity

    I’m new here too – my name is Gail. I’m also a convert. Get this background – my mom was a Baptist and my dad was an Orthodox Jew. So how did I wind up Catholic? Easy – I read the Bible from cover to cover and prayed for understanding the whole way through. If you are sincere about your interest in following Christ, then eventually you will become a Catholic. Like it has been said “he who seeks finds.” I know it works because I have God’s Word on it! The faith of other Christians may have parts of the Truth, but the Catholic Church contains the full measure of Truth. Jesus called Peter the Rock and said He would build His Church on Peter. I believe Him – He did it and it is still the same. Others built their own churches later in history, ie: Martin Luther, John Calvin, David Smith….. I’ll take the Original over the imitations anyday.

    If you have any questions at all, please ask me I’d love to help you get over the hurdles and through the hoops so to speak. Just a warning though – I too am human and subject to mistakes and may say stuff that gets taken the wrong way too like Jon’s comment. If this shoulod happen please apply the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions about my sincerity. I’m following Jesus, but I’m a few steps behind! LOL

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