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    [quote:2z3qynzn]Below is a comment I received from a friend. She is upset about Multi-faiths gathering for prayer. Is it wrong for Christians to pray with people from other faiths??

    “In fact over the weekend the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, had a huge multi-faith prayer for peace including Jews,Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, Ukranian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, United, Anglican and others. I don’t buy into this Multi-faith business at all, and I don’t respect religious leaders who do.”

    Please let me know of any resources I could read on this subject.

    This is not a topic I know a lot about however I think I can point you in the right direction. First I would like to clarify that what the people of the different faiths were doing was not prayer, but rather it is called people of good will coming together for a common cause. Why isn’t it called prayer? Well, it is because prayer for Buddhists and prayer for Christians are two different things and cannot be seen as one in the same since we are not all praying to the One True God. It is more or less a bunch of people coming together to celebrate things that they may have in common so that we may all have a better understanding and respect for people.

    This is the spirit of the ecumenical movement: to focus on our commonalities between faiths rather than focus on our differences that way when we discuss our differences it will be much easier to discuss. the view held by the Catholic Church is that in all things there is a little bit of God’s truth. We cannot say God is limited to just simply Christianity or a set of books or whatever one wants to say because God is much more powerful than that and transcends all things. It is our belief that all things have some element of God’s truth, but that Catholicism is the fullness of that revealed truth. This is not to put all religions on the same level but more or less on a sliding scale of truth.

    If you would like more resources on the ecumenical movement I would highly suggest reading the Documents of Vatican II.

    -Jon Jakoblich

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