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    So, you want a simple answer. Well, the simplest answer I can give you is the one that is already in our article about Lent (see: Lent in the subheading “Lenten Regulations”. In there it states that we Catholics are asked to abstain from eating meat on Fridays as a way of doing a minimum of self sacrifice during this season of “giving up” and repentance. Lent is all about improving our spiritual life and by giving up meat on Fridays it is a way of showing that we have discipline over some aspect of our life. If it is possible that we have discipline and control over one part of our lives it is possible then to extend that same manner of discipline to other areas such as regular prayer and reverence for the Lord.

    We all know that most people give up something for Lent and this is the Church’s way of asking us to do a minimum of that giving up of something in case we aren’t giving up anything else. Not only do people give things up for Lent, but also they often add things to do like pray more often or do more outreach to those people in need. Lent is a time of spiritual purification and by doing these small things it may bring us closer to God.

    So that is your “short” answer. If you have any more questions about anything please feel free to send us an e-mail! I hope that you and your friends have a wonderful Lenten experience and you are now in my prayers.
    -Jon Jakoblich

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