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    Not sure if anyone else has ever done an experiment like this, but I have found there to be a direct correlation to my increase in body weight and if I eat at McDonald’s (go figure :rolleyes: ).

    First, just to let you know, my weight can fluctuate rather quickly. Over a period of 3 weeks I ate at McDonald’s once a week. Each time I ordered 2 Egg McMuffins (which is 150% of your daily cholesterol by the way), 1 hashbrown and a small orange juice. I have since noticed an increase in thickness of my middle area.

    My other diet habits have not changed, except that I ate at McDonald’s. Now, in the few months before this I was not eating at McDonald’s and I noticed my weight start to decline (because previously I was eating there once a week before I made a resolution to stop).

    This may seem too simple to some people as a proof that McDonald’s is bad for you, but I don’t think so. I couldn’t imagine those people eating there like 5+ times a week that are suing McD’s for their obesity.

    So the moral of the story is, we all know McD’s is bad for you so don’t get upset when you choose to eat there all the time and then develop health problems.


    I like the new white meat nuggets. That’s all I have to say about that. *giggles*


    Weren’t they always white meat?


    Nope. They were mostly dark meat or a combination or else, something scary. But the now they are advertising that they are all white meat and nothing else.


    Jon is probably expecting this one: <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

    McDonald’s = tummy ache

    When I used to eat at McDonald’s once and awhile I would often feel sick afterwards. I would only eat one cheeseburger or chicken sandwich, and a medium order of fries and I would end up feeling sick.

    I guess I have a low “greasy-food tolerance” :rolleyes:


    [quote:1efk1okz]Jon is probably expecting this one: <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />[/quote:1efk1okz]

    Actually, I was expecting more of a proclamation as to how bad McDonald’s is. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />


    Well, the food at McDonald’s is pretty bad for you. But I do like the Shamrock Shakes they have during March.


    Following up on this, I stopped eating McDonald’s after I wrote the original post in this thread and I have already noticed a slight decrease in my weight. Plus I don’t feel so full all the time either.

    Could be coincidence. <img decoding=” title=”Cool” />


    Lately I have found a way to have my fix

    I just order the darn fries I crave so much and not the whole greasy meal. I may have it with a small soda ( it is true they really do have a small size available) —-done once in a while this plan saves me from searching for more salt gratification.

    Also—-at my size I really need to cut back—-I found out a happy meal satiates me just fine

    and the toys are a riot

    late last year I received a talking toy from that movie about a haunted mansion it sang over and over again ‘creepy ghosts come out to socialize’

    Okay so I gotta get a life.


    I remember when we had an exchange student from South Korea stay with us for a month in the summer.

    We asked the cashier at McDonald’s to show us how big the super-size drink was and when she saw the size, she was shocked. She said that the normal size soft drink in Korea was about the size of the American kiddie soft drink here. No wonder the U.S. is getting so big.


    Americans have larger drinks than any other nation (except for Australia and beer). We are also pretty much the only place that gives free refills. Soda is so cheap that you pay for the cup and the actual soda is free. If you go to Europe, not only do you get a smaller cup, you are charged another $2 or so for every refill.

    I come from the desert. I drink a lot no matter what. I would end up broke.

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