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    I got this e-mailed to me and I really don’t have an answer for it. Perhaps other people could help me out.

    [quote:1d47pxe5]My wife (Non-Catholic) and I (back after twelve years) recently went to a Marion conference. Everything went well until at the closing mass the entrance procession included a statue of Mary on a platform hoisted up by four gentlemen. The whole weekend we were told how Catholics don’t worship Mary, statues, and that at the mass all eyes are on God. There was already enough art at the front of the conference center to be a distraction and now here comes another held high as the center of attention. My wife and I pray the rosary daily and venerate Mary highly, but Mass is Mass and action speak louder than words. After leaving we made the long journey home trying to figure out what just happened.

    Is this allowed?



    I will take a look to see if it is permitted. As for all eyes being on God, they are. All theological significance of Mary is embodied in the identity of Christ: His divinity, His humanity, His Hypostatic Union, His redemptive sacrifice, etc. As one delves deeper into Marianology, one better understands that to see Mary is to contemplate Christ.


    Any luck with this topic?



    “On October 20, 2001, the 5th grade CCD class of St. Francis de Sales participated in a special Mass where the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was crowned and carried in a solemn procession.” The picture above this text states that the statue was carried in during the Entrance Procession.


    “Statue of Our Blessed Mother Mary carried in the entrance procession. His Eminence, Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic will preside and preach with Bishops and Priests concelebrating.”

    I was hoping to find something a little more official (I really need to buy Mr. Akin’s book, [u:3kjssoei]Mass Confusion[/u:3kjssoei]) but I think it is approved.


    This is permitted, but I would send the email and try to explain a little bit about Marian devoition.

    The argument here seems to be more about the status of Mary, than with the Rite of Mass and what is permitted.


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