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    Love may be the most overused, misused word in our lexicon.

    True Love is perhaps the hardest work in the world..it is not defined by that thump, thump, thump of your heart. There is nothing wrong with that thumping as a [i:271bbaw1]healthy[/i:271bbaw1] manifestation of [i:271bbaw1]the self love[/i:271bbaw1] someone else can make us feel.
    but true love is cleaning up the vomit of a sick child at 3 am when you know you have to go to work. It is biting your lip when someone in your family scolds you and you know you don’t deserve it.
    True love is working 50 hours overtime so your kids will still believe in Santa Claus. True love is looking at a ragged, stinking, stumbling wineo and seeing the face of Christ.

    True love is fighting, and if necessary, dying so people of good will can live freely. It is years and years of agonizing over whether to pay the rent or the gas bill this week and putting up with all those ridiculous habits that drive you completely insane.

    True love is the ability to always look out for the best interest of the beloved. Very few of us do it very well.


    Yes indeed!

    In Greek they have 5 different words for love all conveying different degrees of it. I’m sure most people have heard the eros and agape love explanation, but there are other words as well.

    As we all know “I love this pizza” is not the same love as “I love my wife”. Unfortunately, the English language is stuck with just one word.

    We could use 2 words with the help of some adverbs – “I really, really like this pizza”.


    I try to use love (sonlitknight’s), infatuation (thump thump), and desire (somewhere in between).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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