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    <img decoding=” title=”Confused” /> I was listening to EWTN today and a speaker said Jews don’t worship Jesus only God,Is that correct?

    [color=red:vvpt8vxs]Year 1: CE
    What is nowadays called the ‘Current Era’traditionally begins with the birth of a Jewish teacher called Jesus. His followers came to believe he was the promised Messiah and later split away from Judaism to found Christianity, a faith whose roots are firmly in Judaism.[/color:vvpt8vxs]
    A summary of what Jews believe about God

    God exists
    There is only one God
    There are no other gods
    God can’t be subdivided into different persons (unlike the Christian view of God) Jews should worship only the one God,God is Transcendent:
    God is above and beyond all earthly things.
    God doesn’t have a body
    Which means that God is neither female nor male.
    God created the universe without help
    God is omnipresent:
    God is everywhere, all the time
    God is omnipotent:
    God can do anything at all
    God is beyond time:
    God has always existed
    God will always exist
    God is just, but God is also merciful
    God punishes the bad
    God rewards the good
    God is forgiving towards those who mess things up
    God is personal and accessible.
    God is interested in each individual
    God listens to each individual
    God sometimes speaks to individuals, but in unexpected ways


    This is correct. They do not believe in the Trinity.


    [color=olive:dndqt67t]I never knew Jews didn’t believe in the Trinity, interesting. I hear people say sometimes that since Jesus was a Jew, he was Jewish in his religion. They like to justify his ethnicity with their religion. Has anyone else ever heard this <img decoding=:” title=”Question” /> [/color:dndqt67t]


    Jesus was a Jew. Judaism isn’t a race so much as it is a religion. Jesus is Jewish in religion. He followed the customs and practices of the Jews.

    He is the fulfillment of all that was practiced in Judaism as is our faith today. Early Christians were seen as Messianic Jews. Even the apostles still followed many Jewish teachings and practices.


    Cool. I didn’t know Jesus practiced the Jewish religion. I just thought he was Jewish by dissent only. I have also heard other people say this. Is there any Catholic religious practices that are Jewish then or what? I’m a little confused. Please help :cry:


    [color=darkred:3n7bd3p1]For those interested one of the main controversies between our early fathers (Apostles and disciples) and the Jews was not whether there would be a Moshiach (Messiah) but rather which Moschiach he was.

    Moshiach Ben David


    Moshiach Ben Josef

    This is atleast what the Jews I’ve talked to have told me. A further look will reveal that this is a latter rationalization by a specific Rabbi (can’t remember his name). The Jews of the day were only waiting for ONE Moshiach, not two.[/color:3n7bd3p1]


    [color=darkred:3i5bwgja]Gosh, I really need to do a lot more studying. Jon, you said that Jesus did follow the customs and pratices of the Jewish religion. Now that you pointed that out, I just thought I would share with everyone that Reggie White(former Hall of Fame defensive end) who died recenty, found this out as well later in his life. He began to pratice the Jewish religion towards the end of his life. He not only celebrated Christmas, but began to celebrate Hanukkah as well. ESPN did a documentary on this right after he died from sleep apnea. Also I wanted to ask, since Jesus did practice the Jewish religion, and he did establish the Catholic Church, how do we decide which faith to choose? Also, since Jesus did practice the Jewish faith and did established the Catholic Church, are there any beliefs between the two religions that are shared that someone can point out? Thanks. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> [/color:3i5bwgja]


    A lot of the moral teachings of Catholicism are mirrored in Judaism (because they came from Judaism). There are several marked differences but on the whole they are similar enough that we talk about Judeo-Christian morality.

    [quote:1bgznnik]Also I wanted to ask, since Jesus did practice the Jewish religion, and he did establish the Catholic Church, how do we decide which faith to choose?[/quote:1bgznnik]
    You obviously choose the faith that He sent the Apostles to preach. Since the Apostles built up the Catholic Church …

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