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    TRUTH: Lying is wrong

    Is this true in every situation?

    I’m sure you guys can think of several other examples. Just so you guys know what I voted for I will tell you that if the Gestapo came to my door asking for Jews, would I lie? ABSOLUTELY……
    [b:1jw2olkw]Doctrine of Strict Mental Reservation[/b:1jw2olkw]


    PS-This does not give you a green light to start lying about everything that strikes you fancy either.


    Truth isn’t relative. “Lying is wrong” isn’t a truth, but “all human life is sacred” is.

    “Lying is wrong” is a general moral precept, but by your example you show it cannot be applied in all cases.

    Immanuel Kant explores that exact same thing in some of his writings.


    Oops…..I recant my vote. I didn’t mean to put “yes it is”. As is evident in my first comment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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