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    Have ya ever really hadda deal with a guy kinda like this?
    Tell us all about it.[/color:3bnsfyuc] :shock:


    Oh, yes I have…lol.

    When I was in college (mind you this was within the last few years) there were guys that would come to campus regularly and stand on Northrop Mall (a giant grassy plaza in the middle of the main part of campus) and preach their message.

    These people would draw great crowds – mostly of students standing there mocking him – but nonetheless they got attention.

    One day there was a guy out there saying that Jesus didn’t make a church and that following any church or organized part of Christianity was not necessarily bad, but certainly not good. We were to follow Jesus and not man-made religious rules, etc… (I’m sure you know the rest). :rolleyes:

    This guy wasn’t specifically targeting Catholicism, but what he was saying really irked me. So I actually had the courage to go talk to him.

    MAN, I WAS NERVOUS! I was just shaking and everything because I had never taken on someone like this before. :shock:

    Anyway, I started asking him about the Church being the pillar and foundation of truth and somehow we got into baptism and other stuff. Eventually he was like “you’re [i:3vihjs3i]Catholic[/i:3vihjs3i], aren’t you?” I acknowledged that and we moved on, but then he started telling me how he was some superstar football player for Notre Dame back in the day and then he found Jesus and all that, but it was certainly not by being Catholic.

    The conversation was all nice and peaceful and we respected each other until the end. Somehow the topic of worship came up. I asked him, “if we’re not supposed to go to church then how do [i:3vihjs3i]you[/i:3vihjs3i] worship God?”

    He goes, “Well it says right here in John 13 that….”

    And I said, “No, how do [i:3vihjs3i]you[/i:3vihjs3i] worship God?” (emphasis on the you)

    Then he wouldn’t talk to me anymore. He just refused to say anything after I had backed him into a corner. So, it was a rather interesting experience. In fact I still even have his tracts that he handed out.


    [color=darkblue:axydgnvr]You got off light… :lol:
    I welcome questions, but lies are just too much. I also cannot fathom why they will take the word of some weinie preacher over people who actually ARE Catholics and KNOW what we believe.
    If I wanna know about football I sure don’t ask some baseball player
    or ask a pool player about poker…that just defies all common sense. Sometimes it seems like they just can’t [u:axydgnvr]let[/u:axydgnvr] us be right about anything.
    Hey, we’re Catholics…there’s just no way in the world that we are right…right?
    Pax vobiscum,[/color:axydgnvr]


    That is an argument I’ve used time and time again – except I always put it as such:
    IF you wanted to learn English you wouldn’t consult a math book, so why read anti-Catholic material to learn about Catholicism?


    [quote:j3c1j3jt]That is an argument I’ve used time and time again – except I always put it as such:
    IF you wanted to learn English you wouldn’t consult a math book, so why read anti-Catholic material to learn about Catholicism?[/quote:j3c1j3jt]

    Thank you! I’m going to remember that one for next time.


    On a daily basis Black Knight!

    Ha! Good to see you on another board….. so good to see Catholics supporting and contributing all over the net.

    Keep on defending the faith!



    I thought of starting a new thread concerning “family radio” but decided it is better to just add to this one.

    I really do not like to bad mouth other people’s beliefs, but “family radio” takes the cake. “Family radio” is a network of Christain radio stations like no other I ever heard. I don’t know where to start. The owner has a call in radio program that airs weeknights 9:00 pm. He is a self-appointed know it all when it comes to the Bible. He predicted that Jesus was going to return in 1987, but of course, he did not interupet scriptures correctly then…….. But he knows now that the year is 2011. (He read up on it) Yes, he does not know the day and hour as the Bible states, but he knows the year! :rolleyes: He even said it most likely will be the Fall.

    It gets worse. He quotes (distortes) scripture to say that God has decided before a person is born if they will be saved or not. It dose not even make sense. There is nothing we can do to “save” ourselves. We just have to “hope” that we were chosen. “The church age is over.” Meaning that no one is to go to [b:3ekf495y]any[/b:3ekf495y] church anymore. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> We are to listen and give money to “family radio” of course. He is not only anti-catholic but anti-church.

    This is not a local guy. He is international. Please don’t ask me how he comes up with all of this. If you want a hoot go to http://www.familyradio.com. You can wade though the site, but its best to listen to the radio live there. During the day it is mostly like any other christain radio. But come 9:00 pm (eastern time – at least in Erie PA.) it goes bonkers. If you decide to call in…. good luck. He will not even allow you to make your point before he cuts you off and goes on with his “truths’ from the Bible.

    Am I the only one here to hear this?


    [color=darkblue:2dmro3ro]Oh merciful heaven! Isn’t the free and private interpretation of scripture a wonderful thing? :rolleyes: Welcome to the land of the free…where anyone with enough cash can go out and proclaim anything they want. No matter how bizarre or irrational.

    We can only pray that he has few listeners besides you and me… :lol: Does this tell us anything about just how badly we need a good Catholic radio network that really does cover the whole country? Wouldn’t that be nice?
    Pax vobiscum,[/color:2dmro3ro]


    Well, Relevant Radio is broadcast over the net. Not sure if it is on satellite though. It will happen in time. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />


    Yes, <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> we need Catholic radio. Thank God that we have EWTN. EWTN has played an inportant role in my returning to the faith. I’ll write more about that someday.

    Thank you too for comfirming my thoughts about family radio. I was starting to worry that maybe people were thinking I made all of this up. :lol:


    [color=darkblue:37mh2blh]No Ardent,
    I knew you were right off the top.
    Those insane anti-Catholic allegations are one reason that I returned to the faith after 34 years away and why I hang out on fora like this and the Catholic Answers one. The CA fora is sometimes a battleground and sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and sometimes it makes no difference at all. (or seems not to). But it’s critical that we know our faith well and can present it to those who need it, as well as be able to defend it from those who attack it. we may not win the attacker over, but there’s a host of folks out there watching and listening and our good, truthful answers are seeds falling into their hearts and souls that the Holy Spirit uses to draw all men to Christ and His church.
    Hold fast my brother.
    Pax vobiscum,[/color:37mh2blh]


    Yes, and it’s high time the Church strikes back. I saw on EWTN recently that 75% of evangelical christains come from the Catholic faith I truly believe that it is because we do not really know our own faith.

    I just received yesterday the booklet called – Pillar of fire- Pillar of truth: The Catholic Church and God’s Plan for You. 5 million in print. To request one call 888-291-8000 or go to http://www.catholic.com It goes a long way in explaining the truth in terms that those like me who were “born in the faith” but never got confirmed can understand. They are free, but I’m going to send them a donation.


    [i:3827e5zh]Edit[/i:3827e5zh]: Fixed link to Catholic Answers


    I listen to the web archives of Catholic Answers Live. Jimmy Akin is one of my favorite apologists and the only person who has taught me more about the faith is Dave Armstrong (due, no doubt, to the sheer length of his papers).

    Catholic Answers Live is http://www.catholic.com/radio/calive.asp


    [color=darkblue:29xxf96q] <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> Unless we know our faith how can we share it?
    One of the very best resources that I’ve found is the San Juan Catholic Seminars series on Beginning Apologetics. They are [u:29xxf96q]very[/u:29xxf96q] reasonably priced study booklets that offer great answers to why we believe what we believe. They can be got ether at the CA online bookstore or here at the SJCS site: http://www.catholicapologetics.com/

    The Bible Christian Society also sends out FREE apologetics tapes : http://www.biblechristiansociety.com/

    One thing that is also great and FREE is the Catholic Home Study Service courses. I know ‘cos I’ve done ’em all. : http://www.amm.org/chss/chss.htm

    Catholic Society of Evangelists is also very good: http://www.saint-mike.org/cse/default.asp

    The Mary Foundation also send out great FREE CDs and tapes that are very good.: http://www.catholicity.com/

    With all this and others, what excuse can there be for not knowing and spreading our faith, or for charitably and concisely defending it from all the misled and ignorant.

    Pax vobiscum,

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