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    [b:65kh597m]Freemasons Destroying the U.S. Economy[/b:65kh597m]

    [b:65kh597m]The Financial Endgame Slowly Plays Out[/b:65kh597m]

    [b:65kh597m]Bob Chapman on the ‘duct tape economy’ preceding the Much Greater Depression. [/b:65kh597m]

    Note his contiued reference to the ‘Illuminati’, [banking] ‘cartel’ and the ‘elitists’. From time to time, he explains that the destruction of the US economy is a contrived act prior to regional/world government.

    …..and this guy is a secular gold trader/investment advisor:


    [b:65kh597m]Onward Towards World Government[/b:65kh597m]

    [b:65kh597m]Updates as they occur:[/b:65kh597m]



    Do Freemasons even have an effect on communities these days? I thought they were pretty much non-existent.

    "Jon":19gcpm2d wrote:
    Do Freemasons even have an effect on communities these days? I thought they were pretty much non-existent.[/quote:19gcpm2d]
    They are still around but they don’t seem to have much of an impact on society in general.

    If Freemasonry was benign…..then why would the Roman Catholic Chuch condemn it?

    [b:25tcl980]Ecclesiastical Masonry: The Beast Like a Lamb[/b:25tcl980]




    Do I think the Masons are a dangerous organization? Yes, but not in the same way as those who wander in a world of paranoia and subterfuge.

    Anyone who reads Pope Leo XIII encyclical on the Masons objectively will see that he did, and as it still has the force of law does forbid Catholics from joining the Masons under pain of excommunication. But why he does it is a far cry from the Paranoid rantings of One world government, and secret spy thrillers that would make Dan Brown blush when comparing his poorly written and historically worthless “Da Vinci Code”

    What Pope Leo and the Catholic Church have condemned the Masons for are due to their secrecy, oaths of loyalty which subject initiates to follow the Lodge rather than the teachings of the Church. Masonic errors include the equality of all religious beliefs, both Christian and Non-Christian, a worship of Nature, a rejection of the divinity of Christ Jesus. In doing so no Catholic can join the Masons and remain Catholic. Masonry also promotes a society run only by natural law which allows divorce and other rationalist developments from the time of the French Revolution which itself was very anti-clerical, murdering many priests and religious, expelling more from France and compelling others to marry and publicly disown the Church. The Rationalists in France knowing that there would be many who rejected this move established a National Catholic Church which rejected the authority of the Pope. Which ties into some of the “Seers” mentioned in the spurious links in the above posting.

    To sum it up, the Church did not condemn the Masons for sneaking around and trying to put their own man into the Chair of St. Peter as paranoid conspiracy theorists and false “Seers” claim, but rather because it poses a danger to the Faith of individuals who are influenced by it’s Rationalist and Egalitarian teachings.

    Also please see the following links which debunk some of the “Seers” who submit their “Locutions” to be superior to what the Church has always taught, and like the Masons question the authority of the Church.




    Well said, LARobert.



    You will not find an encyclical dedicated entirely to condemning the Hindus specifically, nor an encyclical dedicated entirely to condemning the Buddhists, specifically, etc……and for good reason.

    Consider the following:

    [b:ytil5i3b]The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita[/b:ytil5i3b]

    The following is an excerpt of Hope of the Wicked, The Master Plan to Rule The World 2, by Mr. Ted Flynn:

    The documents written between 1820 and 1846, had been circulated to members of the Alta Vendita, which was the supreme lodge of a condemned Italian secret society, the Carbonari. Father E. Cahill, S.J., wrote that the Alta Vendita was “commonly supposed to have been at the time the governing center of European Freemasonry.” [b:ytil5i3b]Pope Pius IX asked Cretineau-Joly to publish the papers, which he did in THE CHURCH AND REVOLUTION. Pope Pius IX guaranteed their authenticity in a letter of approbation sent to the author on February 25, 1861. [/b:ytil5i3b]

    Below is an important part of THE PERMANENT INSTRUCTION OF THE ALTA VENDITA:

    “Our ultimate end is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution—-the final destruction of Catholicism, and even of the Christian idea. The Pope, whoever he is, will never come to the secret societies; it is up to the secret societies to take the first step toward the Church, with the aim of conquering both of them. The task that we are going to undertake is not the work of a day, or of a month, or of a year; it may last several years, perhaps a century; but in our ranks the soldier dies and the struggle goes on.

    We do not intend to win the Popes to our cause, to make them neophytes of our principles, propagators of our ideas. That would be a ridiculous dream; and if events turn out in some way, if Cardinals or prelates, for example, of their own free will or by surprise, should enter into a part of our secrets this is not at all an incentive for desiring their elevation to the See of Peter. That elevation would ruin us. Ambition alone would have led them to apostasy, the requirements of power would force them to sacrifice us. [b:ytil5i3b]What we must ask for, what we should look for and wait for, as the Jews wait for the Messiah, is a Pope according to our needs.[/b:ytil5i3b]

    With that we shall march more securely towards the assault on the Church than with the pamphlets of our brethren in France and even the gold of England. Do you want to know the reason for this? It is that with this, in order to shatter the high rock on which God has built His Church, we no longer need Hannibalian vinegar, or need gunpowder, or even need our arms. We have the little finger of the successor of Peter engaged in the ploy, and this little finger is as good, for this crusade, as all the Urban II’s and all the Saint Bernards in Christendom.

    We have no doubt that we will arrive at the supreme end of our efforts. But when? But how? The unknown is not yet revealed. Nevertheless, as nothing should turn us aside from the plan drawn up, and on the contrary everything should tend to this, as if as early as tomorrow success were going to crown the work that is barely sketched, we wish, in this instruction, which will remain secret for the mere initiates, to give the officials in charge of the supreme lodge some advice that they should instill in all the brethren, in the form of instruction or of a memorandum.

    [b:ytil5i3b]Now, then to assure ourselves a Pope of the required dimensions, it is a question first of shaping for this Pope a generation worthy of the reign we are dreaming of. [/b:ytil5i3b]Leave old people and those of a mature age aside; go to the youth, and if it is possible, even to the children. You will contrive for yourselves, at little cost, a reputation as good Catholics and pure patriots.

    This reputation will put access to our doctrines into the midst of the young clergy, as well as deeply into the monasteries. In a few years, by the force of things, this young clergy will have overrun all the functions; they will form the sovereign’s council [b:ytil5i3b]they will be called to choose a Pontiff who should reign. And this Pontiff, like most of his contemporaries, will be necessarily more or less imbued with the (revolutionary) Italian and humanitarian principles that we are going to begin to put into circulation.[/b:ytil5i3b] It is a small grain of black mustard that we are entrusting to the ground; but the sunshine of justice will develop it up to the highest power, and you will see one day what a rich harvest this small seed will produce.

    In the path that we are laying out for our brethren there are found great obstacles to conquer, difficulties of more than one kind to master. They will triumph over them by experience and by clearsightedness; but the goal is so splendid that it is important to put all the sails to the wind in order to reach it. Your want to revolutionize Italy; [b:ytil5i3b]look for the Pope whose portrait we have just drawn. You wish to establish the reign of the chosen ones on the throne of the prostitute of Babylon;[/b:ytil5i3b] let the clergy march under your standard, always believing that they are marching under the banner of the Apostolic keys. You intend to make the last vestige of tyrants and oppressors disappear; lay your snares (nets) like Simon Bar-Jona; lay them in the sacristies, the seminaries and the monasteries rather than at the bottom of the sea; and if you do not hurry, we promise you a catch more miraculous than his. The fisher of fish became the fisher of men; your will bring friends around the Apostolic Chair. You will have preached a revolution in tiara and cope, marching with the cross and the banner, a revolution that will need to be only a little bit urged on to set fire to the four corners of the world” (end of the quote from the PERMANENT INSTRUCTION OF THE ALTA VENDITA)

    Mr. Flynn continues:
    The goal would be to “effect an environment that would eventually produce a Pope and a hierarchy won over to the ideals of liberal Catholicism, all the while believing themselves to be faithful Catholics,” but who in reality would promote the fruit of the Enlightenment and the DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF MAN: “equality of religions, separation of Church and State, religious pluralism, etc., ” the creed of Freemasonry.”

    [b:ytil5i3b]Hope of the Wicked – The Master Plan to Rule the World,[/b:ytil5i3b] by Ted Flynn; MaxKol Communications, Inc. ISBN 0-9668056-3-1

    At following link you will find a message from Our Lady to Fr. Stefano Gobbi, entitled The Beast Like a Leopard. [b:ytil5i3b]Therein, she identifies the biblical beast like a leopard as Freemasonry.[/b:ytil5i3b] Now, one may be quick to attempt to discredit this as a message from Our Lady that has yet-to-be-approved by the Church. [b:ytil5i3b]It is worthy of emphasis that the messages imparted to Fr. Gobbi via Our Lady carry many IMPRIMATURS from several cardinals, archbishops and bishops. [/b:ytil5i3b] The IMPRIMATUR (which means, ‘Let it be printed’), indicates that the messages of Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi contain nothing contrary to the Faith. IMPRIMATURS are not granted cavalierly.

    [b:ytil5i3b]The Beast Like a Leopard[/b:ytil5i3b]

    [b:ytil5i3b]The Number of the Beast: 666[/b:ytil5i3b]

    Refer to:
    [b:ytil5i3b]The Original Prayer to St. Michael for additional information on the vision and prayer composed by Pope Leo XIII (who also penned and published HUMAN GENUS, on Freemasonry).[/b:ytil5i3b]

    Now……back to the topic of this thread, if you please:

    Does the following statment sound like a ‘conspiracy theory’?

    “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that is the charge, [b:ytil5i3b]I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”[/b:ytil5i3b] (David Rockefeller, excerpt from his book: Memoirs, 2002)

    Read the following link. If you reside in North America it is affecting you now…..and do so increaslingly in the days to come





    I edited the previous post, instead of posting the link that I had left out here.


    The answer is (in my opinion) yes, it does sound like conspiracy theories. It also sounds like the paranoia and Red baiting of the McCarthy era.

    Masonry developed in Europe and while I don’t think most if any of the Masons are secretly infiltrating The Church or Government, (They are in fact very overt about themselves) I find the [i:396vyamk][b:396vyamk]The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita[/b:396vyamk][/i:396vyamk] and the book [u:396vyamk][b:396vyamk]AA-1025[/b:396vyamk][/u:396vyamk] both published by Tan (http://www.tanbooks.com) to be as credible as the [i:396vyamk][b:396vyamk]Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion[/b:396vyamk][/i:396vyamk]. Both I find to be hysterical rantings of someone who needed to make some money and wanted to frighten the gullible. Tan has published some very good and some very spurious books. Thomas Nelson has grown and developed over the years, and his choices in what he publishes, with the advise of a few good priests has improved, but he still prints books (like the above) that I find spurious to say the least.

    I fear your argument that there are no encyclicals against Buddhists and Hindus to be without merit. As I mentioned above Masonry, (Which equates the Buddhist and Hindu, as well as Muslim and Pagan Naturalism) as equally valid as any Protestant, or Orthodox “Church” is a danger to the Church based on it’s false teachings. If Buddhism had become half as popular as Masonry and posed a threat by it’s influence to Catholics in Europe or the USA at the time of the American and French Revolutions, I do think the Pope would have written against it. But I just don’t buy your argument, nor the spurious books that claim to be secret documents that have been uncovered. If the Masons where as powerful, demonic and cunning as they are presented in these (most probably) fictional books, I am sure they would have never been printed. I also know a few former 33rd Degree Masons, now loyal Roman Catholics who would be either dead or have hidden their former membership in the Masons if the conspiratorial theories where true.

    As for Fr. Gobbi, I have a few of his books, I don’t remember them having Imprimaturs by one let alone many Cardinals and bishops, but I’ll dig them out of the box they may be in and see, Unlike spurious seers, I don’t myself claim the charism of infallibility. And while we are discussing his less than credible and atypical of approved seers, long term visions, view this priest’s site…. http://www.catholicdoors.com/isit/isit01.htm

    I would ask you Cub if you have not already, to seek a priest faithful to Holy Mother the Church to be your Spiritual Director rather than take my word as having any authority on the subject.

    I’d also ask for your reply to a posting I made several months ago about the Alleged Apparitions in Cairo. So you don’t have to look through the postings, you stated that the Alleged sitings of our Lady where approved by Archbishops and Bishops of the Church. Those Abps and Bps I pointed out are not Catholic Bishops but Coptic Orthodox bishops who follow the Arian heresy.

    One last thing before I take the dogs out for a walk. The opinions I have shared are my own, not those of this board or it’s moderator.

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