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    Father Robert Altier to be Assistant Chaplain of Nursing Home
    By: Elizabeth Schwab http://www.desertvoice.org May 11, 2006

    Father George Welzbacher, pastor of the Church of Saint Agnes, has issued a statement regarding the unexpected reassignments of both himself and Father Robert Altier. Effective June 19, Father Welzbacher will be leaving Saint Agnes parish at his own request and, after a brief sabbatical, move to the parish of Saint John in Saint Paul, Minnesota. But the biggest surprise is Archbishop Harry Flynn’s shocking decision to remove Father Altier from Saint Agnes and appoint him as assistant chaplain of a nursing home in an outlying district 30 miles southeast of Saint Paul-Minneapolis.

    At the age of 45, Father Altier has served 17 years in the priesthood, 14 of those as Assistant Pastor at the world-renowned Church of Saint Agnes, and now Archbishop Flynn has decided it is just and proper to relegate him to a nursing home. This is a priest who generously spends long hours in the confessional bringing souls back to God, who has been responsible for guiding numerous young people to offer their lives in religious vocations, who for 17 years has painstakingly given instruction through his Fundamentals of Catholicism course to over 150 people each year and brought hundreds of converts into the Catholic Church, who is renowned for his skills in spiritual direction, who acts as board member and advisor to several orthodox Catholic organizations, and who up until recently had been preaching to a worldwide audience via A Voice in the Desert website and Relevant Radio broadcasting.

    The Archbishop stated in a public email on March 20 that he asked Father Altier to cease his multi-media apostolates because it “might be beneficial to him and to the parish of St. Agnes.” Apparently, he thought Father needed more time to fulfill his responsibilities at the parish. His Excellency then went on to invite people to “visit Saint Agnes where Fr. Altier continues to actively minister” if they wanted to hear him preach. But now he will reside at a nursing home. Isn’t this a contradiction to what the Archbishop originally told us in his message of March 20?

    The nursing home in question is Regina Medical Center in Hastings, Minnesota. (You can visit their website pastoral page at http://www.reginamedical.org/index.asp? … age_39.htm and the nursing home information can be found at http://www.reginamedical.org/index.asp?pageID=33 ) This nursing home is a modern 61-bed facility which is currently served by a kindly 75-year-old priest. A chancery official has stated that this present priest chaplain will continue in his current position at Regina; therefore, Father Altier will serve as assistant chaplain. In addition, there is already a religious sister on site who is responsible for ministering to the nursing home and assisted living residents, and she also will continue in her present position. As there is only one scheduled Mass each day which will be prayed by the current chaplain, there are virtually no daily requirements for the assistant chaplain to fulfill besides praying his own private Mass, providing the occasional sacraments of Anointing of the Sick and Confession, and infrequent counseling for residents, patients, or their families. A small hospital is on the premises, but no major surgeries are done there and no trauma unit exists. With approximately 10-12 parishes in the archdiocese lacking a resident priest, it is certainly surprising that a priest of Father Altier’s caliber would be sent to a destination where he will have an overabundance of time on his hands.

    Since March 1, Catholics worldwide have been asking the following questions: Why did Archbishop Flynn silence Father Altier? Why did he shut down a Catholic website known for its fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church? The first clue came when Archdiocesan spokesman Dennis McGrath told the Star Tribune, “I surmise that Father Altier’s contrarian position on VIRTUS is the issue.” VIRTUS and its related program Talking About Touching (TAT) are the answers proposed by the Bishops of the United States to the sex-abuse scandal which broke out in 2002. Unfortunately, these graphic sex-ed programs are in direct violation of Vatican teachings on human sexuality and do nothing to stop predators but instead place the burden of protection on young children themselves. Archbishop Flynn served as chairperson of the USCCB’s Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse which developed these programs and he chose to proliferate it throughout his archdiocese beginning in the 2006-2007 school year, with pilot program testing to start in the spring of 2006. As the material content of these programs became more widely known, concern grew over their appropriateness. And because many aspects of VIRTUS and TAT are contrary to Church teaching (see sample lessons at http://www.primaryeducators.org/lessons.php ), Father Altier felt it was his duty to inform parents in an effort to protect the young children who would have their innocence irrevocably shattered by such programs. As parents became aware of the dangers of VIRTUS and TAT, they explored the possibility of using an alternative program: Formation in Christian Chastity (FICC) from the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (For information, visit http://www.primaryeducators.org/ ) According to a statement made by Father George Welzbacher, pastor of the Church of Saint Agnes, FICC is the program preferred by Archbishop Flynn himself! (You can read Fr. Welzbacher’s statement at http://www.desertvoice.org/responseoffr … bacher.htm )

    It is interesting that the Archbishop would choose to exclusively promote VIRTUS/TAT when he actually prefers FICC. LifeSiteNews and other Catholic news services have stated that VIRTUS enjoys the support of homosexual activist groups around the country. (See article http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2006/apr/06040706.html ) The program is also endorsed by none other than Planned Parenthood. Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of the diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, recently stated that it was a well known fact that the members of the National Review Board responsible for mandating the use of these sex-ed programs are “ardent advocates of partial birth abortion, other abortions, human cloning, and other moral errors.” (See article http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2006/apr/06040302.html ) And so it was that at a recent meeting of approximately 200 local Catholic school principals and religious education directors on February 10, 2006, the question was asked about “what was going to be done about local priests that were stirring up the pot about the chancery’s safe-environment initiative.” Sister Fran Donnelly, the Saint Paul-Minneapolis archdiocesan director of the Protection of Children and Youth Initiative, answered that “[Vicar General] Fr. Kevin McDonough is getting out a two-by-four.” (You can read her response at http://thewandererpress.com/a3-9-2006.htm ) As Father Altier has been at the forefront of the efforts to stop the infiltration of VIRTUS in our archdiocese, it is clear to see that the two-by-four Sister Donnelly was referring to came to Father Altier on Ash Wednesday in the form of the Archbishop’s request that he take his material off the internet and stop participating in broadcasts on Relevant Radio.

    And now that Father Altier will be sent to a nursing home, one can see just how cruel this two-by-four has been, and continues to be. The fact that the Archbishop delivered his initial request on Ash Wednesday speaks volumes. It made for a very harsh Lent for Father Altier and all of you worldwide who have come to rely on Father’s sound spiritual instruction on the internet and radio. Yet Our Lord said that a light shines brighter in the darkness, and so Father’s continuing example of obedience and gentleness during this trial is a beacon for all of us on how to live the truly Catholic life. He had told us that he “would go down for the sake of the children” because he truly loves each and every soul. We thank God for his courage and for any priest who would be willing to do the same. Bishop Bruskewitz, Bishop Vasa, and a handful of others are standing firm in refusing to allow these horrendous sex-ed programs into their dioceses. (To learn about the scandalous origins of these programs, see http://thewandererpress.com/a11-3-2005.htm ) Fortunately, the superior they report to — Pope Benedict XVI — is in full unity with Catholic doctrine and these bishops have maintained their allegiance to the Holy Father without yielding to pressure from dissident factions within the Church. (Bishop Vasa’s statement is at http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2004/jul/04072107.html ) But for Father Altier, his future is in the immediate hands of Archbishop Flynn.

    Most regretfully, we do not see the same obedience from our Archbishop as we are witnessing today in Father Altier. (For details concerning the Archbishop’s conduct go to http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2006/mar/06030602.html ) The archdiocese continues to sink deeper and deeper into depravity while the homosexual community is pandered to, and meanwhile we witness this wrongful action and extreme marginalization committed against a priest who has been a faithful son of Holy Mother Church. Why should it be that our own elderly Archbishop is personally thanked by the gay Rainbow Sash movement for his support of the homosexual agenda within the Church, and a good, holy, young orthodox priest like Father Altier gets sent to a nursing home? What a contrast this is!

    We initially suggested that you contact Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn in a charitable manner to express your concerns about Father Altier’s situation, but now you may want to contact the following Vatican officials to express your grave distress at the blatant injustice we are seeing unfold before our eyes — because, after all, one wonders what will be next.

    His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI PP.
    Bishop of Rome
    Apostolic Palace
    Via del Pellegrino
    Citta del Vaticano
    Vatican City State, 00120
    phone: 011.3906.6988.10.22
    email: [email protected]
    fax: 011.3906.6988.53.73
    His Eminence Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos
    The Congregation for the Clergy
    Piazza Pio XII 3
    00120 Vatican City State
    phone: 011.3906.69.88.4l.5l
    Fax: 011.3906.

    His Excellency The Most Reverend Pietro Sambi
    Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
    3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20008-3687
    phone: 202-333-7l2l
    fax: 202-337-4036

    See http://www.desertvoice.org for more information


    I wish this was something new. Our Lord warned us about tares (weeds) being found in among the wheat. It is proof that even with the Sacrament of Orders the bishop still has to cooperate with God’s grace.

    Unlike the accusations made against the Church by rabid anti-Catholics, we do not believe that the Sacraments are magical rites, nor that we have no control of ouselves and our behavior when we live a Catholic life. Just as Saphora and Ananias lied to the Apostles and the Holy Ghost, so too can Catholics fail when they do not cooperate with God’s grace. Throughout history there have been those who have been ordained or in the secular world risen to positions of power and have been seduced by the world, turning the position into one which serves not God or the people. From the first the devil has tried to attack our Lord and the Church. We only need to look to the twelve men that our Lord himself called personally. Judas was tempted to the most horrible of crimes, Peter is another example but his example unlike Judas is one where even though he fell, he was restored to grace and went on to overcome his past. None of the Apostles was filled with courage after the crucifixion, but rather hid in the upper room, and where frightened when our Lord appeared. Thomas who was not with them doubted our Lord so much that he had to put his fingers into the wounds in the hands and side of our Lord. But all of those who doubted after the crucifixion went on to preach Christ Crucified, and Risen from the Dead. It should be an example to us that we are all capable of turning away from sin and unbelief, and returning to grace when we fall. The Catholic faith is one of Hope, hope in Jesus, hope in, as the Scriptures tell us, “work out our salvation.” We do so by knowing that even if we fall and are truly repentant,we can renew our promises we made at baptism, repent of our sins and be by the power of God, be restored to grace.

    As for this bishop, not only complaints to his superiors, direct calling of him to task, but prayers for God’s grace to work on his soul so that he too can become an example like Peter and the other ten who in the end did not abandon Christ, but rather show the power of grace. I’m not so much worried about the enemies of the Church internal or external, as we do have our Lord’s promise that He would remain with us, but we too must hold up to our promise as Milens Christi, (Soldiers of Christ) to be people of prayer and faith, and defend the truth.

    As for the priests effected, let’s not forget that Padre Pio was barred from offering mass in public, preaching and hearing confessions for many years because his superiors where not at first sure of the veracity of his stigmata. St. John Marie Vianney was sent to the farthest outpost of his diocese, thought of as a dullard, but his sermons and sanctity, as well as his physical battles with the devil and his great zeal for souls in the confessional won more back to Christ than had he been placed in a large Urban parish. God can use this to make saints, as he does seem to do best in times of adversity.


    Ok, look, I happen to live in that archdiocese and I know Archbishop Harry Flynn personally.

    The Desert Voice is an ultra-conservative, right-wing group within the church that adores Fr. Altier just a little too much. They promote an agenda that is very narrow minded.

    Archbishop Flynn does not push or promote any homosexual agenda. He has in fact banned the rainbow sash people from using the Mass as a political tool. He has publicly rebuked them! http://www.rainbowsashallianceusa.org/FromFlynn05.htm

    The VIRTUS program is not evil nor does it push any homosexual or otherwise sexually deviant agenda. I can’t speak for TAT because I do not believe my parish uses it.

    The issues talked about in that article are not unilateral but are multi-layered. It’s those kinds of issues in which narrow-minded people with their own agenda tend to muddle up the facts to suit their personal needs and scare the hell out of other people into thinking the way they do.

    This article is pure propaganda and I’m pretty close to deleting it from my website.

    Archbishop Flynn is a very faithful bishop and it boggles my mind that others would fall into the trap of these ultra-conservatives into believing what they say with muddled facts and shreds of evidence.

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