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    The other day I was watching a rerun of the show ER and there was a very small subplot in the show where one of the nurses (the lead nurse I think) would not give a teenage girl an acne medicine because the nurse made it a requirement that she take birth control pills with it and the girl did not want to take birth control.

    Apparently the acne medicine would cause birth defects if the girl became pregnant. Now, the girl explicitly stated to the nurse that she made a promise not to have sex, but the nurse assumes that because she is a teenage girl she will be having sex and needs birth control.

    This made me stop and wonder how many other people this actually happens to. I mean, if a woman does not want to take birth control that should her choice and her option. No one should be forced to take another prescription just because “she might have sex.”


    I noticed things like this when I was researching Planned Parenthood and abortion and birth control. If a girl was not pregnant, they would do anything they could to get her on the pill. If she was, they would do anything they could to kill her child.


    Where would you go about getting information like that? Do you cross check how many appointments they had and how many prescriptions for birth control were written?


    Some pro-life groups conduct investigations.

    One that I was reading the other day entailed the following:

    A 13 year-old girl called Planned Parenthood centers throughout the country and related that she was pregnant by her 21 year-old boyfriend. They wanted to get an abortion to hide their relationship from her parents. By state law, the receptionists at those centers were required to report the incident to the police as a possible case of child sexual abuse. I believe in every case (if not every, then the vast majority) there was no report filed. In a number of cases, the receptionist admitted that she would be required to report the incident and specifically told the girl to not say anything else. In many (if not most) of the cases, the receptionist coached the girl on what to say and not to say when she came in for an abortion and, afterwards, for birth control in order to avoid any legal situations.

    Basically, Planned Parenthood’s employees are making it very easy for pederasts to perpetrate their deeds.

    (This is not exactly where I first read it, but the report Child Predators[/url:3s7u083p]by Mark Crutcher, scroll down about halfway, is one of the recent things I saw.)


    [quote:10k8fnah]Basically, Planned Parenthood’s employees are making it very easy for pederasts to perpetrate their deeds.[/quote:10k8fnah]

    And they blame it all on the Catholic Church…ha! I bet the media will never assail Planned Abortion (whoops…Parenthood).

    So, was this girl not really pregnant? It wasn’t clear from the story (or I toally missed it).


    She was not pregnant. The whole thing was a set-up.


    continuing Planned Parenthood methods of operation. In our household both of our daughters received information from Planned Parenthood on more than one occasion.

    My daughters’ name and address appeared thru the plastic window of the envelope, but the really disturbing thing is that the outside of the envelope said something like “thanks for being a supporting member of Planned Parenthood”. Our girls did nothing to solicit this mail.

    The contents of the letter inside were mostly all blasting of pro-life groups. And using ‘statistics’ that could be misleading to the young teen girls receiving this mail.

    Naturally I called their offices- they said they had no control of the company that does their mailings. I made a huge point of the fact that they call themselves Pro-choice—-yet they take away the choice of young girls in the USA not to receive their propaganda AND they insult them by calling them a supporting member on the outside of the envelope for the public to see. I don’t remember my dialogue exactly- I was trying to act like a Christian. I do remember making the comparison for them—how would they like to receive an envelope in the mail, an envelope that on the outside said thank you for supporting Osama Bin Laden? When indeed they supported no such person.

    Anyways there was alot of back and forth between myself and Planned Parenthood

    guess what? even when they said they would remove our household from the mailing list-their offending mail still comes to our home. :cry:


    That would be highly embarrassing to have my name seen as a supporting member of something that I am against. Isn’t there some sort of law where if you ask someone to take you off their mailing list then they have to?

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