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    This is a MUST read article about psychiatry and the dangerous drugs that are being prescribed. :shock:


    By Dr. Jim Howenstine


    “;[b:ijc7rhyp]My hope is that many persons will be able to avoid the use of the dangerous, poorly researched drugs provided by the pharmaceutical industry for use in psychiatric conditions. Safe effective natural therapies are available to treat schizophrenia and depression.[/b:ijc7rhyp] Natural therapies will never become widely used because of the pharmaceutical industry’s control over the media and their full support by U.S. government agencies(FDA, NIH,).

    [color=red:ijc7rhyp][b:ijc7rhyp]Psychiatry is a complete fraud [/b:ijc7rhyp][/color:ijc7rhyp]and the problems caused by the drugs used(gastrointestinal bleeding, tardive dyskinesia, etc.) by these practitioners have, as usual, been covered up or ignored. Making money for drug companies has taken precedence over careful scientific research searching for truth in the interests of piling up bigger profits for an enormously wealthy industry.

    At this time psychiatry is a very valuable asset for the pharmaceutical industry. Psychiatrists are busy writing prescriptions for drugs all day long. The prospects for the future are even brighter, as more and more Americans of all age brackets are recruited by programs aimed at having every living man, woman and child taking a psychoactive drug daily.

    Why do the insurance companies pay for worthless pharmaceutical prescriptions while refusing to pay for curative natural therapies? Why should Big Pharma bother to waste money doing careful scientific research when flawed dangerous drugs are not exposed by a watch dog media and there is no government agency the least bit concerned about the health of the American people. Remember 90% of us are useless eaters that are targeted for removal by the elitists running the world.

    The list of unexposed health scams is mind boggling (GMO foods, mercury amalgams, dangerous root canals millions done annually, chemotherapy drugs and radiation to treat malignancies, widespread use of transfats in cooking, worthless soil thanks to government mandated nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus fertilizer which omits sulfur a key nutrient, chlorine and fluoride in drinking water, mandated dangerous vaccines for children, statin drugs to lower cholesterol, bypass surgery, aspartame, suppression of heparin burn therapy, ignoring Dr. Abram Hoffer’s safe effective therapies for schizophrenia, etc.). These problems are typical of those occuring when a totalitarian government has taken complete control over a country. Truth has become irrelevant.

    Last fall I took a vacation to visit intelligent relatives and friends. In my luggage were many copies of an article carefully documenting the irrefutable scientific facts proving that 9/11 was an inside job. Not a single one of these relatives and friends believed this article. The U.S. media has done its usual superb job of selling 9/11. Joseph Goebbels has to be green with envy if he is receiving this type of information. The world is currently locked in a titanic struggle between good and evil. The Bible warns us that the end times would be marked by deception and apostasy. We must all do as good a job as possible trying to avoid fraudulent operations. Staying out of the dangerous drug pushing psychiatrist’s office is a good place to start;”

    For the complete article, see:

    [b:ijc7rhyp]Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Ending Soon[/b:ijc7rhyp]

    [b:ijc7rhyp]What is the New World Order?[/b:ijc7rhyp]

    [b:ijc7rhyp]How Can We Expect Matthew 24 to Be Realized?[/b:ijc7rhyp]

    [b:ijc7rhyp]After the Warning[/b:ijc7rhyp][url:ijc7rhyp]http://www.call2holiness.org/afterwarning/afterwarning.html[/url:ijc7rhyp]



    In the interest of being balanced, I’d also advise that everyone look over this site on Dr. H’s theories…. I’m not a Doctor and I don’t play one on TV.



    I am a scientist with a degree in molecular biology. His article on vaccines is utter crap. The above article on psychiatric medicine is too, as is the article detailed in LARobert’s link.


    How so, B?

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