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    I’m taking a class right now about the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and the professor mentions once in a while that even in that time Christianity was considered a religion of the book.

    Perhaps I misunderstand exactly what that phrase means, but when I think of “religion of the book” I think of stuff like [i:20a5xnz6]Sola Scriptura[/i:20a5xnz6], one of the battlecries of the Reformation, which is clearly not an early Christian teaching nor is it a current Catholic practice.

    On the other hand “religion of the book” could just mean that we have a set of books that we hold as sacred. In that case, wouldn’t the Jews also have been a religion of the book?


    Religion of [i:xs9s98cd]the[/i:xs9s98cd] book. The Bible. Catholicism is, in one way, a religion of the book. However, like you I also associate such a designation as belonging to Protestantism.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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