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    Hello. My name is Melissa. While I’m not a Catholic yet, I am (and have been) strongly [i:qlc264ss]drawn [/i:qlc264ss]to the religion — which probably explains why I spent four years at a Catholic liberal arts college. At the moment I’m in correspondence with a monk from my Alma Mater, beginning the process of conversion. I came to this site to strengthen the weak spots of my knowledge of the Catholic faith; surprisingly, even after taking the three required theology courses at a top-ranked Catholic college, I’m still a neophyte when it comes to even the most basic Catholic beliefs. But I’m learning. This website has been of great help to me in the last few weeks. Moreover, reading the posts from this community forum has been incredibly edifying, as I have read the remarks of people whom I consider both thoughtful and good-hearted — something which is lacking in general social correspondences. Above all, your passion for your religion, and your commitment to personal and public betterment is [i:qlc264ss]inspiring [/i:qlc264ss]… overall, I am just glad there’s a site like this on the web to help guide those of us (me) who are so desperately seeking guidance as we face such a momentous decision as to commit ourselves to one faith. I just wanted to say “thank you.”


    Hi Melissa! Thanks for the warm compliments. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    Despite the many compliments we often get about the site I still wonder about the lack of traffic. Oh well, as long as it serves in some way or another to further the Kingdom then I am ok with it. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

    So, what drew you to the Catholic school if you weren’t even Catholic? It’s always been a question I’ve pondered.

    Nice to have you here!



    Before I begin my response, you should know that it’s almost 2am over here in NH, and I’ve been up all night writing an article for publication — so I’m a little punchy, please bear with me and with any typos, etc. I may write.
    I wish I could say with any certainty what specifically drew me to a Catholic college … My mother tells me that I was baptized in a Protestant church when I was born, that I attended for a few years, but all this ended when my family (as a whole) lost its faith in all religion. Originally I attended an all-woman’s college in PA, but I was homesick for NH, so I decided to transfer. I was accepted at both Mount Holyoke College in MA and St. Anselm College in NH. For some reason, the atmosphere at St. A’s appealed to me more than that at the other school. While it was a “typical” college on the weekends — parties, etc. — during the week, their was a solemnity about the campus … an almost disciplined air. I wondered if this was because of the fact that many classes were taught by monks living on campus. Even on the weekends, the parties were never to the iniquitous scale of non-Catholic colleges — often, the wildest parties were held off campus. But, I think I would be reducing the exact quality of what my pull to the Catholic church was quite a bit if I merely said that its somber, disciplined quality appealed to me … I know there’s more to it than that. Perhaps this might get close to explaining it: I’ve always felt a pull toward religion, a need to belong fully to a faith. I attended several churches over the years (pre-college, that is). There was always something about their doctrines that bothered me, that didn’t make sense … in a way, it seemed like they were an imperfect copy of the original church — the first truly Christian church: the Catholic Church. I could see the products of the Catholic faith transferred into their doctrines and “rituals,” but they were faded, indistinct, and barely reminiscent of the original — just like a poor copy would be. I always knew that if I ever officially joined a religion, it would be the Catholic religion — if, for no other reason, only because it was the first, the original.
    I’m not sure if these are good reasons, but then again, I’m not sure if I’m explaining my impulse toward Catholicism correctly — in truth, I’m still not certain why I have such an impulse.
    Well, it’s incredibly late over here, and I need to sleep. But thank you for responding to my post.


    Melissa, that was an excellent explanation. I loved reading your post. We are here to serve and let us know how we may do that.

    In Christ

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