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    I wanted to share an awesome Catholic resource I came across today that is truley amazing! It is called [SPAM].


    This is an amazing place where you can meet Catholics from all over the world and interact with them. You can date if you are single, make friends or business contacts. There are also a lot of clubs to join from spritual to just about any cool topic you can imagine! One of the best things about the site are the ads you can please there to–if you are looking for housing or are trying to sell something (like that old Christmas gift you never opened!) this is a great place to do that. And [SPAM] also allows you to post events for any occasion: church, concerts, charities, etc. There are a lot of people joining everyday, so it is really worth your time to check it out! Thanks!


    Well, I can see right through this as a blatant advertisement and chances are you will never return to post on this messageboard, but I will leave this up for now because it might actually be worth something.

    If anyone has any objections to this I will close this thread immediately.


    I registered here because I am a Christian and am proud of my faith.
    Romans 1:16 is my favorite verse <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Well, I apologize for the false accusation and would like to welcome to you to the board. I thought perhaps you were going around spamming Catholic messageboards.

    Yeah, Romans 1:16 is pretty cool.


    Welcome…. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />



    I’m locking this because I think it is spam.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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