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    I’ve been told that I am wrong about my views, that I misrepresent
    Catholicism and their beliefs. Below are the nearly 4 years of articles that I’ve written at my ministry. Read them yourself and I challenge anyone to prove even one area that I’ve been mistakened.

    Year #1
    Article #1 – The Foundation
    Article #2 – The Sin Issue
    Article #3 – “Take This Body…”
    Article #4 – Should We Pray to Saints?
    Article #5 – Isolating Scriptures – Another of Satan’s Schemes
    Article #6 – What About Works
    Article #7 – What About Mary?
    Article #8 – Tradition
    Article #9 – Thanksgiving
    Article #10 – Two Christmases
    Article #11 – Righteousness on Judgement Day
    Article #12 – The Year in Review

    Year #2
    Article #13 – Miraculous, But By Whom? (Part 1)
    Article #14 – Miraculous, But By Whom? (Part 2)
    Article #15 – Miraculous, But By Whom? (Part 3)
    Article #16 – Pride
    Article #17 – Frustrations to the Great Commission
    Article #18 – What is the Authority Source in Your Life? (Part 1)
    Article #19 – What is the Authority Source in Your Life? (Part 2)
    Article #20 – What’s Your Authoritative Source? (Part 3)
    Article #21 – A Look at the (Biblical) Priesthood
    Article #22 – What About People’s Goodness?
    Article #23 – What About “The Church Fathers?”
    Article #24 – The Gospel

    Year #3
    Article #25 – Mortal Sins or Venial Sins?
    Article #26 – Purgatory
    Article #27 – Ministry of Reconciliation
    Article #28 – Sacraments
    Article #29 – Fundamentalism
    Article #30 – Praying
    Article #31 – A Different Gospel / A Different Jesus
    Article #32 – The problem with Ecumenicalism
    Article #33 – Are You Born Again?
    Article #34 – Why do Bad things happen to good people?
    Article #35 -“Brethren of the Lord?”
    Article #36 – “Thoughts and Reflections on 3 Years of Ministry”

    Year #4
    Article #37 -“The “Mass” Isn’t the Same Sacrifice as Calvary”
    Article #38 -“Are You Eternally Secure?”
    Article #39 – “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” (Pt-1)
    Article #40 – Are the Apocrypha Books Scripture?
    Article #41 – Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth? (Pt-2)
    Article #42 – A Look at the Infallibility of a Church and Its Leaders
    Article #43 – Sola Scriptura is indeed Biblical
    Article #44 – What’s Wrong About Being a Protestant? (Part One)
    Article #45 – What’s Wrong About Being a Protestant? (Part Two)
    Article #46 – What Kind of Witness Are You?
    Article #47 – How Heavy is Your Yoke?


    I’ll keep your site in mind next time I have insomnia. Nothing new or different from the Anti-Catholic rot of the past two hundred years. The same non-compelling, scripture misquoting, monotony that you can find on most Evangelical, and Dispensationalist web pages and books. Minus references to Rome as the Seat of the Anti-Christ, and without using the term Romish, which was a little refreshing.

    Otherwise all these objections to the Unchanging Truths taught by the Church have been answered time after time. Works that strike terror only in those who’s ignorance of the teachings of and history of the Church, and who without good Biblical Scholarship bring themselves to regard Jack Chick tracts as a good resources for Bible School liturature. All and all a big yawn.

    Rather than waste time on answers to the same old questions, I’ll post this link as a starting point. http://socrates58.blogspot.com/ Dave Armstrong, Patrick Madrid, Scott Hann and a number of other former Protestant minsters now Catholic after searching the Scriptures and finding the Protestant Sola Scriptura doctrine came up short, have already done enough typing for all of us.


    that is a discusting book but as Jesus said

    Matt 24:22 +24 [color=red:2ibdb9ej]And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.[/color:2ibdb9ej]

    and Paul tells us

    1 Tim 4:1 –[color=red:2ibdb9ej] Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;[/color:2ibdb9ej]

    so they don’t surprise me at all!!!


    Ron you are great at making offhand unsupported comments. What is disgusting a book written by someone who used to preach the same hate for all things Catholic, and then submitted to the Graces God freely gives us and opened his heart to the Christ Jesus of history, and reality and entered His Church?


    [quote:3lb85tm4]that is a discusting book but as Jesus said[/quote:3lb85tm4]
    Which book? No one even mentions a book in this thread.


    What is discusting about the Book?
    I began to look at it and it is filled with the same garbage as other pro-catholic material – and lies!

    I looked at the venial/mortal sin defense part and his pathetic reasoning of how some sins (seemingly) God will overlook, how God doesn’t necessarally have anyone in Hell, and the twisting of Scriptures to give everyone that “Feel-good” attitude……

    The pathetic part is that many people won’t even consider that they’re being mislead.

    Now as for this:[quote:6ddep8s9]
    and then submitted to the Graces God freely gives us and opened his heart to the Christ Jesus of history, and reality and entered His Church? [/quote:6ddep8s9]

    Its obvious that you are in grave error since you don’t have a clue to what you are talking about, especially when you say they joined His Church – that Church is not the Catholic Church.


    Ok, this is obviously going nowhere again.


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