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    I found this link over at the CA forums and I felt that I had to share here. It is so pathetic that it is funny.



    I got a 404. Was the middle of the URL supposed to have an ellipsis in it?


    OK try this one. It works this time.

    http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20 … atican.htm


    I stopped reading about the time it linked to a Chick Tract to prove a point.

    When will people learn? It’s not [i:2jf5c6d5]form[/i:2jf5c6d5] that’s important, it’s [i:2jf5c6d5]substance[/i:2jf5c6d5].

    This is the sixth time I’ve had to retype that sentence to get it right. I need sleep.


    Ah yes. I have seen that stuff before. I had an interesting debate in 2001 about the very contents of that page.

    Taken from that site:
    [quote:10qx9x2x]The reason why the Catholic religion is so popular is because people are looking for someone to STRUCTURE their life. The Catholic church offers a package deal from the cradle to the casket, from infant baptism to have your last rites read over your dying body. By nature, we don’t like to do anything by faith. I like to see exactly where I’m going to land before I leap.[/quote:10qx9x2x]
    Hmmm…the Catholic faith popular? Could’ve fooled me. As far as I’m concerned why the Evangelical/Fundamentalist stuff is so popular is because they make it seem so easy! Just admit you are a sinner and you are going to heaven! Yeah right.

    [quote:10qx9x2x]The Catholic religion lays it all out for people to see, a systematic plan…baptism, confirmation, holy Eucharist,[b:10qx9x2x] the rosary[/b:10qx9x2x], marriage, confession, last rites…and much more. It seems like a great way to go, somebody to tell me exactly what to do make God happy. [/quote:10qx9x2x]
    Since when was the rosary a requirement, or marriage? Anyway, whatever.


    Boy that is such an anti-catholic website that I don’t even want to waste my time with such non-sense. In the past I did attempt to talk to the administrator of another similar website and he didn’t want to hear a word I have to say.

    Actually now that I went thru the website, they are anti-everything…



    I can’t believe someone actually wasted there time putting that website together. How can you claim that Jesus is the savior and THEN write a bunch of stuff against the Church that he created!!!


    [quote:2tncpgzu]How can you claim that Jesus is the savior and THEN write a bunch of stuff against the Church that he created!!![/quote:2tncpgzu]
    Blindness, my friend. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />


    I checked out the website. I thought perhaps you might appreciate the reaction of one of those pesky protestants…

    Man oh man.

    What I’ve noticed about fundamentalist protestants is that they aren’t defined so much by what they’re for as they are by what they’re against.

    A cult has to have an enemy, something to focus on in the negative in order to keep their faithful followers from looking at what they teach.

    An aside — Every time I read a criticism of indulgences, I think of whacko televangelists and their ‘prayer cloths.’ You’ve seen ’em — ” Friend, if you want a blessin’ from Gawd, just send a minimum donation of twenny dollars and Bishop Bubba will send you one of his personal Blessed Hankies! That’s right, if you hurt somewheres, just rub this Uh-Noin-Ted Blessed Hankie right on the spot and Gawd will reach down and YOU WILL BE HEE-UHLED!”

    Okay, I might be pouring it on a bit thick, but not by much. Some of these guys do make me believe in miracles, though, because that’s the only way that mop of hair could stay that color on top of that head…

    Okay, I’m getting mean again. Sorry.

    I differ from the earlier posts in one respect — I don’t find it funny. I don’t find it funny at all.


    Peace be with you all!

    I stopped reading this junk years ago. It is pure ignorance, the true definition, and I feel sorry and sad for these fundamentalists. I pray for them so.

    What is the saddest thing about them is the how much of Christ message is missed by them. Patience and prayer is required. I would not engage them too much, there is very little on can do to convenience these types of people, at least in my experience.

    Love them and pray for them my brothers and sisters!


    I go along with what Fred said. I don’t want to spend time looking at those things either. At first I feel angered that something could be so sickly portrayed, but then I feel sorry for these people because they truly know not what they do.

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