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    Does anyone on this board do any sort of weightlifting?


    If it has weight, I lift it. I lost a lot of weight since high school and all my strength went with it, so I have started lifting again.

    Hauling my ample frame gives my legs a pretty good workout so I usually focus on upper body and back.


    how often do you lift?

    I exercise my entire body no matter how much other activity I’ve got going on.

    shoulders/some back
    calves (need a rest in between all the upper body activity)

    the rest of my legs (includes squats)

    and I start every morning with a 5-10 minute jog on the treadmill to warm up followed by stretching then lifting.

    I don’t so anything Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday (for lifting or formal exercise).


    M/W/(F or Sa)

    I usually work out whatever is not sore that day, with chest/back/arms getting preference (unless I have typing or lab work, in which case I leave the arms and shoulders alone).

    I do 5-10 minutes on a bike or stairstepper because, and here is an irony, I refuse to run in place. I am also not a fan of circular tracks.

    My legs are difficult to work out. I do 3×10 calf raises with the max on the machine and it tires out my shoulders before my legs. Same with leg extensions but, interestingly enough, I cannot leg curl to save my life.

    Most of my lower body workout is sit ups and aerobic exercise (bike, stairstepper, jump rope, etc).


    What kind of aerobic stuff do you do? I am looking to add a little variety. How long do you do it?


    Bike, stairstepper, jump rope, or even run. I usually go 5 minutes for a warm-up and 10-15 during the workout.


    Running is my favorite. Jon strongly dislikes running though as a mode of exercise. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> So it will be humorous when he reads this and finds out I shifted the topic from weightlifting to running. lol I still love you, Jon. <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />

    But I like running because I can do it just about anywhere and anytime and I don’t need much expense equipment–just shoes, and they are not very expensive. Plus, you can vary the running workout to get endurance, strenth, power, speed, and friends (running with buddies). you can also have a workout with any combination of these things.

    Lately, I miss running in the country with the open roads and lack of curbs and sidewalks. Nobody salts or sands the sidewalks so I end up running on the street.

    Running rocks!


    When I was in the Marine Corps I did and I started up again a few years ago, but work and family has made it hard to get to the gym as often as i’d like to.


    [quote:2r9sqqah]When I was in the Marine Corps I did and I started up again a few years ago, but work and family has made it hard to get to the gym as often as i’d like to.[/quote:2r9sqqah]
    Is there anything nearby that you can access?


    Peace be with you Jon,

    Yes, The City I work for provides us with a full membership to a local gym. Just no time in recent days <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />


    Wow, those are some nice benefits. <img decoding=” title=”Cool” />

    Maybe I should try to convince my parish to get a weight room (or free membership). <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />


    Yes, but you should heve seen me back then. (84) I was novice heaveyweight Mr. Cleveland. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    I’m making kind of a “come back”. I returned to lifting after spending the past couple of years as a melanoma cancer patient. I took interferion injections from NOV. 2003 – Nov. 2004 in addition to an amputation of my left great toe. I went down to 170 pounds and boy was I definded. But praise God, for he has healed this sinner and restored me to health. I’m squating with 200 pounds x 90 reps now! Yes, that was not a typo. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> The Lord has blessed me with wide feet so balance is not a problem. :lol:

    It is so wonderful to find Catholic fellowship here inwhich I can share so much with.



    Welcome to the forum!

    I was reading your post and I had quite a surprise when I carelessly missed a punctuation mark after “toe”:

    [quote:lh6f683e] …to an amputation of my left great toe. I went down to 170 pounds… [/quote:lh6f683e]

    Boy, that must have been a heavy toe! :lol:

    I am glad your health is back and that you have come to this board. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    :lol: I often wonder just how heavy that toe was. Thanks for the welcome.


    I do some weightlifting and working out, but I’m not a ‘weightlifter’. At the moment I’m trying to concentrate more on improving my running time.


    What kind of distances do you run? I like running and mostly just do runs between 3 to 6 miles. I mostly just do it for exercise, but I also like to enter some fun runs in the summer. I might do a marathon one day…


    wow ur ahead of me…I do 2 miles a day. The most I’ve done is 3 miles. What I’m trying to improve on is actually my time. I want to be able to run 3 miles in 18-20 minutes. I started out at 1 mile in 15min now i’m at 2 miles at 20 minutes so hopefully one day i can do 5 in 30minutes… little by little. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    I’m pretty much to the point where I can run 3 miles in 21 minutes (according to the treadmill).


    wow that’s awesome!! That’s what I’m working on.. more distance less time or equal time.


    Cool, great job on building up your stamina, PEZ!!!! I think having such improvement/ progress is better than getting the time goal! You deserve a pat on the back and keep going at it. It took me along time to get where I am (I have been running for over seven years now and have been in and out of different levels of running), but once you build up the stamina, it is never as hard as that first time again, in my opinion. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

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