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    :lol: Abraham’s Tree
    Yes, the first father of all Hebrews from the Old Testament (Genesis 17), resting at the base of the Hebrew family tree, has a weather feature named after him.

    “Abraham’s tree” is the name given to a cloud form which consists of feather and plume like appendages of cirrus emanating from a point on the distant horizon. In mid latitudes, this form is most often seen on the western or southern horizon with the approach of a warm front or as cirrus blows out from the top of a distant thunderstorm cloud (cumulonimbus). Thus, from the observer’s perspective, rain is not very far away. In spring, as cloud ceilings rise and convective precipitation becomes more frequent, we may see examples of Abraham’s tree in Minnesota. Some of the old forecast rules are “when Abraham’s tree has its foot in the water” (emanates from a dark cloud base) “it will soon rain,” or “Abraham’s tree is blooming; it is going to rain.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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