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    I would like to know why the only thing that has to matter to us Catholics now is being anti abortion… it doesn’t matter about any of the “social justice.”
    Like stated by you –the Papal encyclicals on social justice, enumerate the rights of people to a just wage, freedom from oppression, fair treatment, freedom from discrimination, adequate food, shelter and clothing, etc. These issues were part of the Second Vatican Council’s Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World. but do not seem important at all… only being anti abortion… it doesn’t matter if families are dying, have no work, no medical insurance, no education or money… It is ok to vote for someone who is going to cut all the social services, – healthcare, medicaid, education, welfare… but just because he is anti abortion everything else doesn’t count. This Romney who is part of a “cult” – a religion that thinks the devil is the brother of Jesus, that everyone when they die become Gods.. so there are several Gods… and that they all live in a planet?? not any of these issues are important only that he is “supposedly” anti abortion. because to me he is not prolife… being prolife like N Carfardi stated in the Catholic reporter is you must support the life outside the womb, not just the one attached to the umbilical cord. So, are you really pro-life?
    Being pro-life means that you believe that ALL women deserve access to good prenatal health and that ALL newborns deserve good health care. Being pro-life means you believe that access to good health care is a right, not a privilege. Being pro-life means you believe unemployment, welfare, and Social Security are not entitlements. There are 4 million babies born each year in the U.S. 4 million each year to feed, to clothe, and to educate. 4 million each year who will grow up and grow old. 4 million each year who need parents who can support their growth. 4 million each year who need a country that looks out for their well-being from the first cry to the last breath. 4 million each year who will need jobs, a place to live, and funeral arrangements. 4 million each year who need good health care. 4 million each year who might have families of their own. I believe the pro-life should be praying, marching, and legislating as hard to support the 4 million babies born every year as they are are for the fetuses aborted in that same time. So how can we say we are pro-life if you support individuals and a political party (you have a link to the Romney campaign)
    who clearly have no interest in life, unless it’s the life of the GOP. If you are not advocating for all life, I am not sure what you should call yourself, but you are certainly not pro-life.


    Welcome to the website, Tomas. If there is a link to the Romney campaign it would be one of the ads that appear on this site which are there to support this ministry. The ad algorithm displays ads that it thinks are of interest to you. This website does not make an endorsement of the products or services advertised. You can view our advertising policy here. http://www.aboutcatholics.com/advertising/

    The Catholic Church does not believe the abortion is the only issue, but it puts significant weight on it. Why? Moral or immoral actions do not carry the same moral weight. Abortion carries a significant moral weight over other issues because it is the killing of innocent and defenseless human beings.

    The Catholic Church has an extensive history of not only defending the unborn, but also ensuring the health and well-being of people beyond the womb. It is a false charge to say that the Church does not care or that this website is not fully pro-life. We support the teachings of the Catholic Church 100%. We support the work of Catholic Charities and the many other organizations that are authentically Catholic in union with Catholic teaching who provide outreach to the poor, disenfranchised, economically handicapped, and any other label for the brothers and sisters that are the least among us.


    I would think that trying to make the live of the persons already living would be as important or more important than abortion. There are more children dying from parents and others abusing them that from abortion in this country. Or they are dying from lack of healthcare.


    How we treat the most vulnerable people speaks more about our Society than anything else. The infants and children, the sick, disabled and the elderly are among the most vulnerable. As the earliest time a person can be a person is from conception we as Catholics should be defending the lives of all from conception to grave.

    As touched on the ability to work and be a productive member of Society is also important. While there is a visible face of the Church in the Pro-Life movement, and a very vocal one, one does not have to look far to see the Social Services provided to those already born from cradle to grave. From orphanages, and homes for women who are pregnant, have children, or medical care, vocational training, drug and alcohol treatment, food banks, and care of the elderly and disabled, the Catholic Church established these programs before any State programs, and continues them today

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