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    :lol: There was a priest a protastant minister and a rabbi, they were good friends and ate lunch together once a week. On one particular week they decided to have a compitition to see who the best evangilizer was.

    They had to convert a grizzly bear to their respective religions, first to do so wins.

    So the next week they are at the restraunt waiting for their food. The priest’s arm is in a sling and they other two ask what happend? The priest replies “I found a Grizzly, I heard his confession, the Bishop will be down next week for Baptism and first communion.”

    Then they see that the protastant has a sling and his leg is broken. They ask what happend and the minister replies “I too found a grizzly, I wrestled him to the river and baptised him, we are starting a bible study next week.”

    And finally they got to the rabbi and he was in a full body cast, the two ask what could have possiblt happend. The rabbi said “Finding the grizzly was the easy part, have you ever tried to circumsise a bear?”

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