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I feel you buddy.  What drove me crazy was during the elections.  The ad on TV that said we are Catholic, republican and we are voting NO.  Then the signs “Another Catholic voting NO.”  It is absolutely crazy that these people even identify themselves as Catholic.  Do they think some day the pope will allow for two same gender people to be married?  What is next?  Can I marry my dog?

What is worse it comes from some of our priests.  I will not name priests but some of them did not obey Bishop Neinstead.  He dedicated one Sunday before the elections to one man one woman.  I came in from out of town and didn’t go to my usual church.  I went to another and the priest basically backed away from the message.

I do not have all the answers.  However I have a great idea!!!!  We have the annual Catholic appeal or whatever it is called, forgive me.  The day when our great bishop gets on video asking for donations.  I believe it is played in almost every parish.  We need another one.  This one needs to explain the stance on the unborn that the Catholic church is Pro-Life and will never change.

Anyways thanks for reading my rant.  I really do believe Bishop Neinstead needs to get that video out.  But like I said I do not have all the answers.

I will pray as always.

God bless.