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"Papa.Cod":3nofhedo wrote:
Why is this conversation relevent?[/quote:3nofhedo]
It may not be relevant to you, but to people who really want to know about the Catholic Church, with all that is circulated as authentically Catholic, it can sometimes be confusing. Many people claim to represent themselves as either “Exposing” the errors of the Catholic Church, or being the only ones who hold the authentic Catholic Faith.

Until one learns (something that I am learning more about each day) what the Catholic Church authentically teaches. Some websites and publications like our friend passionately_catholic was asking about, which present themselves as Catholic, but in fact are not mislead people. I’ve seen the “Bayside” visions quoted on Anti-Catholic websites as if they were authentic Catholic sources. Exposing false visionaries, or those condemned by the Church as not of Supernatural Origins, even when they claim to be is just as important as exposing the false allegations of Boettener, Hislop, Chick and other professional Anti-Catholics.