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"Papa.Cod":14e11ev1 wrote:
Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minuet?!?!?! Mary was a martyr? thats kinda weird considering you guys believe that she’s perfect and all…given that shes born without sin and stuff….
so they died as martyrs for our sake? waddya mean by that?[/quote:14e11ev1]
ok ok, she’s definitely not martyred the way the other early christians were martyred like being burned at the stake or fed to the lions, but since she had the most intimate relationship with the son of God then no other person in the world could be more hurt with what happened to our Lord than her, that’s all i’m saying…

and what’s confusing with saying that she’s a martyr although she had no sin? could you elaborate more please? how exactly do you define the word martyr?

just to clear things up, we believe that the mother of God had no sin because God prevented her from doing all forms of sin, so ultimately all the credit goes to God…

and when i say they died for our sake, i meant:
1. they died to protect the original Christian faith
2. they set a good example
3. reflecting on their sufferings could help us endure whatever kind of suffering we encounter on our lives…
that’s pretty much it