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"LARobert":5wx8ycf6 wrote:
Most people could not read, because books were so rare, Newspapers and Magazines did not exist.[/quote:5wx8ycf6]
I thought it was because only the clergy and the educated scholars were able to read, not the main populace :/ hmmm…I could be wrong, but I thought that’s how it went

"LARobert":5wx8ycf6 wrote:
it became within the reach of many to learn to read, and own a book.[/quote:5wx8ycf6]
After Luther (I’m sure of this) and other Protestant and Catholic Christians (mainly the Jesuits, i’m guessing) emphasized the education of the lay folk, but I could be wrong….

"LARobert":5wx8ycf6 wrote:
The Catechism of the Council of Trent was published to counter some of the new Theological ideas coming from Luther, Zwigely, and Calvin, as well as to form a uniform manner of learning the Faith[/quote:5wx8ycf6]
Really? I didn’t know that the Council of Trent created its own catechism! I learned something new today <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> anyhow…Could a copy of this catechism be in circulation today? Is it obtainable?