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"Papa.Cod":10ei62lw wrote:
"LARobert":10ei62lw wrote:
First we cannot speak of “Your catechism” either as a Universal document of the Church. There are dozens of Catechisms, all approved for use, but none except possibly the CCC, which has a semi-official place.[/quote:10ei62lw]
SO why doesn’t your church have a official catechism??[/quote:10ei62lw]
Although Papa.Cod did do this quite haphazardly, this has been on my mind: Why is it that the Catholic Church has many versions of their catechism, but not one official book that is scripture-inlighting? (which, as you know it, is a catechism)

By bringing up this question, I’m not endorsing or ok-ing Papa.Cod’s comments. Rather, I’m curious