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Veronica Leuken and the Bayside “visions” were among a number of groups that popped up around the same time with strange ideas that contradicted not just Catholic teachings, but the alleged messages contradicted each other. I’m among a majority of people who find the allegations that Pope Paul VI was imprisioned in the Vatican and replaced by an actor. The Photographic “evidence” they use like compairing the ears of different photos, are non-scientific. One’s ears and nose grows and changes both size to an extent shape as we age, when taken from a different angle, can look different.

Another problem is that Veronica early on said that our Lady told her the New Mass was a sacralige, but in obedience to our bishops we had to attend it. She at other times told her followers that Mary told her to tell people to be obedient to their bishops, but refused to stop pulbishing her “visions” when after an investigation by her bishop she was told to stop claiming that her “visions” were of Mary, or Supernatural in nature.

It contradicts logic that Mary would tell Veronica that people had to go to something that was sacraligious, out of obedience. Every Catholic knows that we must be obedient to legitimate laws, but if a bishop or even the Pope were to ask or tell us to do something sinful, we must refuse obedience to an unlawful order.