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I do understand that Lutherans, and others think they are a purified Church,[/quote:1bpidei6]
SO you say that everyones a sinner and that all need forgiveness and crap. well doesnt the sinfulness apply to everyone and not just protestants? how do you know that theyre purified? hmm? riddle me that tough guy[/quote:1bpidei6]
Once again Papa, you read into things what you want to. I have never said that only protestants are sinners. If Catholics were not sinners, there would be no need for baptism, or the Sacraments. Christ gave us the Sacraments, and works through them in order that we can avail ourselves to His grace.

Never claimed to be a tough guy, just a sinner who is in need of grace. Recognizing that Protestantims claims to be a group of sects that have each purified the Church and restored it to it’s primitive roots, is far more open minded than the accusations you seem to re-type from the sources you have read.

I became a Catholic after I heard from others and read the same distorted information that you use as your sources. It is how I can recognize the sad misinformation and vocabulary that you use. When I went to Catholic sources to check and see if what I was told and reading was true, I found that what I had been fed, was a gross misrepresentation of the Catholic Church. It may be a bit frightened to do it, but you may want to look at the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and read through it via the link on the other thread. The only way you will be able to see if the authors and teachers you have been accepting are telling you what the Catholic Church teaches is true is if you compair what they say to what the Catholic Church actually teaches. It will take courage, but I think you can muster it.