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As Catholics we are not required to believe the two stories of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis are literal. (Chapter one and Chapter two have a different order of Creation.) What we must believe as Catholics is that God is the Creator of the Universe and all that it contains. That at some point God infused immortal souls into creatures and gave them free will. That they chose to disobey God. While we call them Adam and Eve, we are not told by the Church that we must believe it happened as detailed in the First book of the Bible. We are not bound to believe that the world was created in seven literal 24 hour days, etc. We are bound to accept that had God wished to he could have done all as it is written in the Biblical text, but at the same time are free to accept any plausable scientific theory as long as we include in it 1. God did it. 2. He gave mankind immortal souls. and 3. Mankind has free will.

Now there are other things that flow from this, such as humans were created to love and have a relationship with God, and were originally intended to live a life free of sickness, and death. We have inherited the stain of original sin, and the propensity to sin, but the being creatures of God, we have also the potential to be restored to what God originally intended before the first sin, and our actual sins. That is made possible by Christ Jesus. We will in heaven understand all that God is and has done for us fully, in this lifetime we only have a glimpse of His goodness and love.