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The question comes is it ever appropriate to remove oneself from communion with the rest of the Church, or should one do everything they can to work for reformation within the body of christ.[/quote:2b7nou33]
How would you answer it?[/quote:2b7nou33]
I have. I was involved with the Lefebvre movement, even a seminarian in their seminary. I left when it became clear that they were headed toward open schism. I still assist primarily at the Traditional Latin Mass, and the Eastern Catholic Liturgies, (I do not think the new rites are invalid, or wrong) but I could not go into schism because I thought I knew better than the Church Jesus promised He would not abandon.

I do understand that Lutherans, and others think they are a purified Church, and Catholic in the sense of being Christ’s universal Church. But I hold that union with Peter, as Christ’s vicar is part of what He intended.