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"Jon":3uo7zs1h wrote:
I can’t believe you dug up a thread from 7 years ago..[/quote:3uo7zs1h]
Is that a bad thing?

"LARobert":3uo7zs1h wrote:
But Jesus and the Apostles also lay down other conditions, baptism, (which many Protestants deny has anything to do with salvation, but is just a ceremony to express our commitment, and not a rite that God uses to change us)[/quote:3uo7zs1h]
What are the main protestant churches that believe this?

"LARobert":3uo7zs1h wrote:
when we read the New Testament in the original Greek the word used for salvation is not a finished or completed salvation[/quote:3uo7zs1h]
WHat would be the greek word and were would you find it?