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Have you ever seen the little comic religious tracts that some Protestant groups pass out in an effort to “Save” people? Many are published by Chick Publications, and several attack the Catholic Church. Among the things Catholics are guilty of according to Chick tracts are Wax Candles, The Nazi Reich, (Catholic priests and nuns were executed in the Death Camps according to Chick, in order to cover up the fact that the Catholic Church created the Nazi Party.) Chick promotes the “History” that Abe Linclon was assasanated by orders from the Jesuits, although he used to publish a tract that Linclon was a secret Catholic and was going to turn the Government of the Church over to the Pope. He has also published a comic which tells the secret history of Islam and another about the Jehovah’s Wittnesses. It seems both groups were founded by the Catholic Church too. Islam (according to Chick) was founded by the Jesuits who convinced Mohammed of what he was to tell people. Strange thing is that Islam was started in the 610 AD and Ignatus Loyola did not found the Jesuits until 1534 AD.

Here is a story by Jimmy Akin, a lay Catholic apologist about his meeting with Jack.