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"LARobert":32i79q5v wrote:
Seems that you have let others decide for you that since Josef and his brother were living in Germany during WWII that he and all Germans were Nazis.[/quote:32i79q5v]
Papa.Cod, you did accuse everyone in Germany to be a Nazi. Look at Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was a Lutheran pastor who stood up against the tyranny of Nazism in Germany by preaching and saying that Nazism was completely against God’s word. You know what happened to him? He was hung by piano wire. That’s what a lot of people who spoke against Hitler: They died for their faith. They died as martyrs. There are also other Lutherans and even Catholics that died because of their unmovable faith in Christ.

You also put up a very bad argument, Papa.Cod. I’m sorry, but I’m going to take LARobert’s side on this one. You need to start reading and understanding other’s posts. You need to read reputable resources and make better statements from them.