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"LARobert":1l83awzi wrote:
Well Pappa, you don’t let your bitterness hide under a bushell.[/quote:1l83awzi]
Good. I’m glad i don’t. Better to show my true colors and be hated for that than to act like some person i’m not and have everyone like me.

"LARobert":1l83awzi wrote:
Why show your hatred by calling Pope Benedict, my beloved and idolized Pope? I don’t idolize him.[/quote:1l83awzi]
“idolized” in just a synonym of beloved. geeze dont get your socks in a bundle. And no “good catholic” would be caught idolizing a man like him. And why would I? What’s that no-good-old-fart done for me?

"LARobert":1l83awzi wrote:
I am not suprised that you missed the boat on the anology of Communism. Communism as a Government has worked in sectors of the Catholic Church for almost 2000 years. But on a voluntary basis, and not Athiestic Communism.[/quote:1l83awzi]
Take a good, hard, long look at governments like East Germany and Soviet Russia. Has communism worked out for them? apparently not. And if it has, do they use The Communist Manifesto instead of the bible in their services? Perhaps they worship it like Mary or the Pope’s position or like their grandma’s rhubarb pie. “So Fr. Smith, what passage of our wonderful book are we reading from today?” “Well Suzy, we’re going to read from the part were Mr. Marx says that all should be brainwashed in an idea that will never work in the real world.”

Yeah. Pretty silly, huh? That’s what it sounds like to me. And maybe your pope pius dude may have saved your parents, that still doesn’t make him immortalized in the Jewsih culture let alone the rest of the world