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"Papa.Cod":3cscmsrg wrote:
So essentially it’s still there? The morality of the whole thing? Even if a list is not made to tell you what you can’t read? That’s dumb, and here’s why:

1) Anything contrary to your precious Catholic teachings would be labeled as “destructive to a good Catholic’s soul.”

I’m i too rough? Let’s water down a bit, shall we?
Where i’m getting at is i think that it doesnt matter were you get your info or who you got it from, what matters is that you have it.[/quote:3cscmsrg]
I would disagree with you about where you get your information. The source you used only told you half the story. Even if some of what he said is true on the surface, it was misleading. I’ll give you a real life example of how and why one’s source is important.

There are those who have defamed Eugenio Pacelli as having helped Hitler, and the Nazis. They say that even though he had a position of international power he never spoke out against the Nazis or Hitler in any of his public speeches and did nothing to help the Jews, but rather helped the Nazis.

Now it is true that he was very careful about what he said in his public speeches, and he did not use Hitler’s name during the war in his public speeches. However that does not mean that he did nothing to help the Jews.

My own parents, Sephardic Jews, and my aunt and father were able to escape Europe because Eugenio Pacelli (or you may have heard of him by the name of Pope Pius XII) distributed orders to bishops around Europe to do what they could to help hide and remove Jews from the grips of the Nazis. Under his instructions the Jews of Rome were hidden in convents and Monastic houses around Rome. Many of these Jews were refugees from other countries. During the final days of the war in Italy, when the Allied bombs were falling, hundreds of Jews were given food and refuge in Castel Gandolfo, the Pope’s Summer residence. The Chief Rabbi of Rome became a Catholic after the war because Pius had also instructed that the Jews not be compelled to convert. (As St. Francis said, “Preach the Gospel every day; when needed use words.”) Pius did speak out against racism, Eugenics, and other crimes of the Nazi Regiem, but did not use Hitler’s name because in doing so he would have provoked more murder among the Nazis.

So here we see that the sources that tell you that Pacelli never condemned Hitler by name (true) is the same thing as the false allegation that he did nothing to help the Jews debunks your statement. You get a true statement, a historical statement, but it is one that does not lead you to the historical truth.