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Well Pappa, you don’t let your bitterness hide under a bushell. While condemning Catholics as simple robots unable to think, I’ve not seen one statement you’ve made here that is original, nor that shows an ability to think for your own self. Pretty sad for someone who makes the charges that you make.

Seems that you have let others decide for you that since Josef and his brother were living in Germany during WWII that he and all Germans were Nazis. Well it does not seem from the facts of his life that the people who you accept with a greater sense of obedience than any educated Catholic does the Pope have poured out a cup full of koolaide for you, and you did not sip but gulped it.

Not enough bandwidth to battle the items you chose to attack, (with no real rationale) let alone those things you consistantly ignore.

Where on this site have you ever read that all Catholics or all anyone will cherish the belief system or groups that they have been born into, or until they mature (and some never will) understand it? If you want to pick only those who reject what they don’t understand, well there are far more than just Catholics you can pick on. So be fair, and reject everyone and everything, because we all have among ouselves and even within ourselves faults. Your friends who are “More Catholic than the Pope” may have just as misguided an understanding of the Catholic faith as the others, I can’t see them, but from what little you describe, they lack the same mature outlook, and insight, just from the opposite pole.

Why show your hatred by calling Pope Benedict, my beloved and idolized Pope? I don’t idolize him. I find him in his day to day dealings just as fallible as me, and not as infallible or inerrant as you seem to place yourself. What I do understand about the Pope is that he has the promise of Jesus, when he makes a binding decision about faith or morals that All christians are held too, it is not Joseph Ratzinger that guarentees it to be so, but Jesus’ promise that makes it so. Either Jesus told the truth when he promised that he would be with Peter, and as Christians have always held, Peter’s successors, or Jesus lied. If Jesus lied, please let us all know, and how you’ve decided this.

I am not suprised that you missed the boat on the anology of Communism. Communism as a Government has worked in sectors of the Catholic Church for almost 2000 years. But on a voluntary basis, and not Athiestic Communism.