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"James":3t4ybevn wrote:
I know that I’m a minority on this website and what I’m about to say could cause mayhem, but I would like to say that in my Comparative Religions class I took at school were we studied about the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Confucianists, the Taoists, the Shintos, the Muslims, the Jews, the Orthodox Christians, The Catholics and the Protestants, I still found that Lutheranism is Truth and will always be Truth.[/quote:3t4ybevn]
Well It’s not so much about who is in a minority of majority position here. What is important is that the truth be told. If you are a Lutheran by conviction, and come here both to learn what the Authentic Teachings of the Church are, and what the Catholic side of history is, that’s admirable, Even when you’ve asked a question or series of questions about Catholic Practice, Teaching or History when you’ve been told or read something that does not give a proper slant to it, you are willing to discuss or listen. You continue to visit and post even though you are not in full agreement with the teachings of Catholic Church. That as well as announcing the message of the Gospel is what I think Jon founded this site for. A place for people to come to learn “About Catholics”.

"James":3t4ybevn wrote:
*Every time I see the words Law and Gospel together, I feel like watching an episode of Law and Order. I know. I’m strange <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />[/quote:3t4ybevn]
That’s OK every time I see windows EX PEE, (XP) I see Chi Rho, (the first two letters of the word Christos in Greek.