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"Papa.Cod":30j5kz9f wrote:
Soooooo if he (god) finds you so pure in life he’ll grant you a free pass to heaven? Sounds kinda sketchy… :/[/quote:30j5kz9f]
Nobody gets a free pass to heaven. We have to cooperate with God’s will, and strive to live a life of virtue. God’s judgement, which is completely Just, would not allow for a free pass.

The scriptures tell us we will be tried as gold by a refiner’s fire.

From this we can surmise that our souls are by virtue of being created by God very precious to Him. However we rarely find a nugget of gold that is pure gold, with no additional metals, dirt or other impurities. To get to the pure gold, it must be washed, and refined to remove the impurities. Some have depicted Purgatory as a cleansing (or Purging) Fire, although theologically since we are talking about souls, it would not be a physical fire.