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"Papa.Cod":1axll4qm wrote:
Ok. Wait a minute…a Lutheran church in Rome?!?! That really doesn’t make sense :/ and our lady? Crucifixes? what’s going on here?!?![/quote:1axll4qm]
Papa.Cod, let me explain a few things to you:
1) The Lutheran Church is catholic (catholic with a lower case c means universal) The Lutheran Church is not just limited to northern Germany or Scandinavia. Rather, it can be located anywhere. I remember seeing a LC-MS website in Japanese <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />
2) The part about the virgin Mary and the crucifixes will be explained later
3) please calm down. I know you don’t agree with what Catholics have to say about a lot of things, but it doesn’t hurt to listen. After all, you did join to learn, not insult.

"passionately_catholic":1axll4qm wrote:
when Pope benedict visited a lutheran church in rome[/quote:1axll4qm]
Personally, I think it’s kinda cool that even Romans could enjoy a good Lutheran service <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

"LARobert":1axll4qm wrote:
Dr. Luther did mainain a devotion to our Lady, and Churches he preached in initally kept a very Catholic look to them including crucifixes, and statues of our Lord, Lady and Biblical Saints[/quote:1axll4qm]
You [u:1axll4qm]may[/u:1axll4qm] be right about a few things about this, but I would like to show you a different opinion.
1) A lot of Lutheran churches in Europe still kept that Catholic Church look (architecturally speaking.) When I was in Nürnberg (Nuremberg to English speakers) there was a Lutheran church in the middle of the city. I was told by my tour guide that most Catholic Churches in the north did convert to Lutheranism; Thus keeping their architecture the same.
2) The use of Crucifixes shouldn’t be a huge surprise. In the article [u:1axll4qm]Cross or Crucifix in Suffering[/u:1axll4qm], which is written by my Pastor, gives a good insight why Lutherans continue to use crucifixes as it is written in this article:
[i:1axll4qm]’Luther saw the crucifix as a natural and valuable symbol. he said, [b:1axll4qm]”I know for sure that God would have us hear and read His words, especially the suffering of Christ. But if I am to hear it or think about it, I cannot possibly do so without picturing it to myself in my heart. For whether I want it or not, the picture of a man hanging on a cross arises in my heart when I hear about Christ, just as water naturally reflects my face when I look into it. If, then, it is not sinful but good to have a picture of Christ in my heart, why should it be sinful to have it in my eyes?”‘[/b:1axll4qm][u:1axll4qm](What Luther Says,[/u:1axll4qm] I, p.180, CPH, 1959)[/i:1axll4qm]
3) About Biblical Saints…In the Augsburg Confession Article XXI, It discusses the Worshiping of the Saints. Don’t worry. I’m not accusing Catholics of Saint-Worshiping, but I would like to point out that in it, it discusses that it is ok that we look to them for examples of faith and good works, according to our calling.

Sorry this is so long. Now I know how LARobert feels when he gets caught up in the moment of a good topic <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />