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"passionately_catholic":33iz7geo wrote:
what’s true is the pope is indeed infallible in things pertaining to faith and morals
what’s not true is the pope would infallibly declare something contrary to scripture
indeed, there have been things that some popes said that is contrary to scripture and sacred tradition BUT it was never said that it was an infallible declaration and that therefore means that its just that pope’s opinion and is not something that we should believe as a dogma

if the pope is not infallible then how do we know that the canon of the bible itself is not a big mistake? after all, it was the pope(Pope Damasus) who decided what the canon would be[/quote:33iz7geo]
I understand the idea that the Pope WOULD NOT declare something contradictory to the scriptures, but lets say HYPOTHETICALLY that he did. would his word be above scriptures? or would we have to, in a way, impeach the Pope and elect a new one?